How to Reduce and Manage Stress and Anxiety

Powerful tools, techniques and ideas to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in your life.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course will teach you cutting edge tools and techniques to guide and help you reduce stress and anxiety, empowering you to achieve more balance, peace and control over your life and your decisions. You will examine your stressors and triggers, look at how they affect you on a physical, emotional, mental and behavioral level. You will learn powerful and effective techniques you can implement and incorporate into daily life that will give great stress relief. This course combines NLP, Emotional freedom technique, Positive psychology, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Meditation to bring you the best results for creating and living the life you want.

Who this course is for

  1. Beginners and up.
  2. People who need help knowing where to begin in reducing stress in their life as well as those with some background who are looking to expand their toolkit of knowledge to further their personal development.


  1. Yes very practical and understandable ~ L Morris
  2. Miriam Mills' calm delivery made it very easy to pursue this course and to pick up lots of tips on how to prevent stress from arising, deal with it when it does, and find a way to make positive changes to our lives, amongst others, by retraining our minds to acknowledge that life is in constant motion and that we can work towards peace through acceptance and gratitude..I would highly recommend this course. The short lecture format is a welcome one and it was easy to take notes which I can refer back to at any time ~ A Stafford

What you'll learn

  1. Sources of stress
  2. Personal triggers
  3. How to remain calm in stressful situations
  4. Relaxation techniques
  5. How to create a stress free home by decluttering
  6. Setting and achieving goals
  7. Techniques to reduce anxiety and worry
  8. How to regain balance in your life
  9. And much more


Come with an open mind and be willing to embrace the exercises taught and implement them into your life.

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