How to Survive in Our World as an Empath

Learn how to strengthen your own energy field while deflecting negative energy.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Enjoy a thoughtful and rewarding online training designed to empower fellow Empaths. Discover the many benefits of being a balanced empath while protecting your sensitive energy field. Learn how to channel Reiki energy (the Japanese Art of Healing,) how to create a Protective Bubble, and many other life changing skills to optimize your personal energy and headspace. Discover the importance of Energy Hygiene and how to implement a daily ritual of cleaning and intending several times a day. Enjoy this fun and beautiful online training designed to keep you relaxed and entertained.

EXPLORE what it means to be an Empath and the many benefits of remaining in balance and flow.

Learn step by step how to protect your own precious energy while deflecting the negative energies of others.

Enjoy a guided meditation, “Monumental Energy Protection”, designed to enhance your protective abilities.

Develop an awareness of your own energy vs. that of others.

About the Instructor

Lisa Mohr has been a Certified Reiki Master since 1996 and has spent over 25 years developing The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training System. Lisa has 6 published books and has been a licensed massage therapist and Life Coach for over 25 years. Lisa is a one-of-a-kind instructor who has hosted hundreds of workshops, and has worked with thousands of clients, many of whom are Empaths.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone that wants to learn how to protect their energy field from being drained, overwhelmed, sad, angry, or depressed.
  2. Anyone who is interested in energy protection and hygiene.
  3. Anyone who is sensitive to social media, crowds, and other energy intense situations.
  4. Anyone who struggles with protecting his or her own energy field from others.
  5. Anyone who is overwhelmed by the energies of others, and/or is sensitive to the energy exchanges with other individuals.
  6. Anyone who is curious about Reiki.
  7. Anyone who is curious about developing their intuitive abilities.
  8. Anyone who is naturally gifted in the healing and/or psychic arts.
  9. Individuals who have an interest in the psychic arts and/or are naturally intuitive.
  10. Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  11. Any previously Reiki trained students from other Reiki training systems. The Mohr Method of Healing enhances basic Reiki with Energy Protection and The Law of Attraction skill development.


  1. Lisa, I'm really glad to have been found you on my way, you gave me much clarity. I was so confused and I didn't know how to manage my life as an empath, you helped me too much. Great info and great coach! ~ X Mendez
  2. I am so thankful that this course found me. Everything sounds so familiar and finally I know what I am, what I feel, and what to do with it. Such a great training, so authentic. Lisa teaches from a deep (or higher) space and there is no way not to love this ~ Amanda
  3. Just what I was looking for! Lisa's output is personal and supportive. She's genuine and loving. Fully recommend! ~ J Seppänen
  4. There were many layers covered in this course. Lisa explained so much and was easy for me to understand. Going deeper into being an empath and how to help manage the multiple feelings along with that. She really does have a gift and is a great teacher ~ Jessica L
  5. Lisa is an awesome teacher! She covers all aspects of the material very well and provides easy to understand explanations. After taking this course I feel like I am able to fully understand myself and the things I need to do to take care of myself ~ D Nyland
  6. Life changing skills professionally explained. It feels as if Lisa is in the room directly talking to you! Powerful meditation that quickly became part of my regular routine! ~ J Samuel Myers
  7. The golden Egg field is so Masterful. I have been enjoying every Moment of it. And yes As you might have Suspected Jordy Is a Empath. I dedicate The integration of the egg field learned. in the beginning it felt like mm where is the room and i found myself staring to my reflection and kind of feeling a distance and kind of having trouble with this right now but as you said in the beginning you feel that way. i jumping on this tool also and will hold it firm and Ultimately this all be worth it. lets us empaths rise. collectively your in love ~ Jordy S
  8. Being an empath, this course is a perfect match. All the content resonates with my own personal experiences, while teaching me additional helpful strategies ~ S Sobieski
  9. Another wonderfully amazing course by Lisa!!! such insight, gifts... everyone can benefit from learning from Lisa... so wise. I love all of her courses, what a gift!!! This information has helped my family and I, and strengthen all of our gifts - thanks for the knowledge and your spirit... ~ S Langkau-Diderrich

What you'll learn

  1. What being an Empath means and what its gifts and challenges can be.
  2. What an Introverted Empath is, and what the difference is between other kinds.
  3. How and why validating yourself and other Empaths is important.
  4. What Energy Hygiene is and why it is so critical to maintain when you are an Empath.
  5. 5 steps to mastering perfect Energy Hygiene.
  6. What Bubbling Up is, and how to achieve it.
  7. What Reiki is, how to pronounce it, and how to channel it through your body.
  8. Several daily habits to optimize your mental, physical, and spiritual health as an Empath.
  9. A meditation designed to give you Monumental Energy Protection while out in the world.
  10. Why is it necessary to keep yourself optimized 24/7 when you are an Empath.
  11. How to achieve a super solid aura all day long


  1. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with Reiki.
  2. Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course.

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