Reiki 101 Plus Energy Protection and The Law of Attraction

Become a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner - Learn Energy Healing, Energy Protection, and The Law of Attraction...

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  1. Do certain people and/or crowds drain you?
  2. Do you think that you are intuitive, but you don't know how to develop it further?
  3. Do you ever wonder why some days of your life work flawlessly, while others are a constant challenge?
  4. Would you like to develop a lifelong skill that you can use each and every day to optimize every area of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training System is for YOU!

In this course you will learn the following: 

  • Two styles of Usui Reiki Healing, The Law of Attraction, Energetic Protection, The 7 Energy Chakra Centers, the Beginnings of Enhancing your Intuitive Abilities, and More!

This informative, fun, and interesting course is designed for every student, no matter where you are in life.

Above all, you will learn how each and every one of these skills can be used to enhance and simplify your life. Reiki isn’t just for health care providers - it’s for everyone who seeks to optimize their mood, health, and lifestyle!

This healing system is the only one of its kind, and is taught exclusively by Licensed Mohr Method of Healing instructors. This workshop is taught by the creator and developer of this system, Lisa Mohr.

About the Instructor

Lisa Mohr has been a Certified Reiki Master since 1996, and has spent over 25 years developing this system. With 2 books published within this system and 4 additional published books separate from it, Lisa is a one-of-a-kind instructor. She has hosted hundreds of workshops and has an extensive library of support materials available on her website.

Some of Lisa's Reiki Class testimonials:

  • “During this class, I realized that I’m sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions, and I was absorbing their “stuff”. Most of my feelings weren’t mine at all! Lisa taught me to protect myself and it’s changed my life.” - Laurie B.
  • “I had so many, “Did that really just happen?!!” moments, I can’t even count them all!” - Martha
  • “I don’t see the world the same way as I did before this class. I have had significant “reality checking” daily, as a result!” - Paul C.
  • “I can honestly say I’m much happier now, and have more mindfulness.” - Connie F.
  • “I really liked Lisa’s class. She has a genuine caring about her students, and wants each and every one of them to have a better life.” - Max L.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who wants to learn how to channel Reiki energy to improve their lives and others
  2. Student with no prior knowledge or abilities are necessary. Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course
  3. Empaths (individuals who absorb the energy and feelings of others and their environment)
  4. Individuals who have struggled with energy boundary protection
  5. Individuals who have interest in the psychic arts and/or are naturally intuitive
  6. Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  7. Any previous Reiki trained student from other Reiki training systems. The Mohr Method of Healing enhances Reiki skills, Energy Protection, and The Law of Attraction development.
  8. Spiritually open minded and inquistiive individuals. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with Reiki


  1. This was very good information. I have already been practicing the laying on of hands in my religious practice. Now I can see how it is connected to Reiki. I have enjoyed this lesson and plan to keep learning more! Thanks for being an Earth Angel!! ~ Henrean B
  2. Great course. I am already a Reiki practitioner but I still learned some new techniques. Lisa is a terrific teacher and this would be a wonderful course for anyone new to Reiki (and a nice refresher for those already practicing) ~ Deborah W
  3. I came across this training when I really needed it. Being a wheelchair user, I have been looking for ways to heal myself. I got introduced to Reiki for the first time when I was admitted in the hospital, and some people used to give Reiki healings to me which felt so good instantly. Since then, Lisa's Reiki 101 course has been my first training session that I gifted to myself in the lockdown. I'm glad that I came across her training sessions. The videos are full of insight and would help any beginner to learn all about Reiki easily. I got attracted to Lisa's sessions mainly because of her creative ways of explaining things. Not only that, but I could also relate to the experience of absorbing different energies. This training literally helped me in protecting my energy and taught the importance of bubble-up in our daily lives. Once you complete these trainings, you'll also receive a certificate. In fact, I'm further going to start with Lisa's other training sessions too - Reiki 201 and 301 soon. I highly recommend these sessions to new young healers who would learn so much about protecting themselves while healing others that too Step-By-Step. So, Happy Learning everyone! :) ~ Tas N
  4. Dearest Lisa am from India and your course came as a clear breath of fresh air when I was questioning my own role as a healer and each class you put forth with so much love your attunements and book all diamonds each and everyone I hope to come back and continue further as my heart wants to serve am honoured to be part of your student body Namaste beautiful Lisa Mam Can you please post to me your wonderful reply it sits in my heart every word will be grateful ~ T Sarup
  5. My intuition had been poking at me to start Reiki training. When I watched Lisa’s video I just felt connected to her. During the course there were so many “ah ha” moments. I knew I was “different” as a kid as I would go to public and feel all the energy around me. I could literally feel strangers emotions. I didn’t know til I was an adult that I am an empath. I went into health care for 17 years and my natural ability to read energy and know things I shouldn’t was extremely helpful with my career. However, I never protected my own energy and experienced burnout. I changed careers hoping to not feel so drained but the same thing happened, but even stronger. I can only assume it’s bc I was touching my clients for hours (hairdresser). I knew when clients were pregnant, visions from touching objects, communication with nature etc. I knew I needed to educate myself on energy work. If you relate to any of the things I mentioned I encourage you to take this course. I have learned how to use the universal energy for others while also protecting my own. Cant wait for level 2 training. Thank you Lisa! ~ Heather C
  6. Lisa was just too good in explaining every method so clearly n step by step, she is amazingly effective. while she was doing Reiki on her student.. i sitting here in India was feeling the energy so strongly, i was getting vibration in my body n i myself felt so light. i want to do next Levels of Reiki with Lisa so pls kindly advice how to go about it. my heartfelt gratitude to Lisa for helping me learn this beautiful Reiki course ~ M Leena Frank
  7. Thank you Lisa! I really enjoyed your class. Very well put together and I learned so much. I know I'll go back into your forever class when I need a refresher. I've already purchased your other classes and look forward to taking them ~ C Renzulli
  8. OMG! such an amazing source on Reiki Healing. As Lisa teaches i can totally feel the vibrations. Amazing self Reiki technique. Best Reiki course. so many great secret techniques and examples she shares ~ Jasleen K

What you'll learn

In this online course you will learn the following:

  1. How to channel Reiki to heal yourself and others
  2. Reiki and its origin
  3. The two styles of Usui Reiki Healing
  4. How to connect and align with the Universal Life Force Energy
  5. How to play with energy and how it feels in your body, around you and around others
  6. How to develop a confident way to channel Reiki Energy, on demand, every moment of your day
  7. Tools to help set boundaries with toxic individuals and draining situations through Energy Protection
  8. The 7 Energy Chakra Centers
  9. How to enhance your Intuitive Abilities
  10. How to scan yourself and others for energy disturbances
  11. Intuitive body scanning
  12. Organized hand positions to treat yourself and others
  13. How to close after a Reiki treatment
  14. How a Reiki Level 1 attunement will benefit you
  15. How to identify the possible emotional and mental reasons for physical ailments
  16. The Law of Attraction and how to heal unwanted patterns, remove blocks, and raise your frequency to manifest your goals
  17. How these skills can be used to enhance all areas of your life
  18. How Reiki is for anyone who seeks to optimize their mood, health and lifestyle


  1. It is strongly suggested that you download the attached PDF and read it completely before beginning this training. However, there are no official prerequisites to taking this course.
  2. You will need to download and view PDF files
  3. You will need to download and listen to MP3 files
  4. You will need open mind and willingness to learn. :-) This course is ideal for individuals who have either had some Reiki training or none at all. All are welcome! Relax and enjoy yourself! 

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