Improve Your Energy and Immunity With Your Mind

Appreciate the highs of life for longer and spend less time in the lows

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course condenses 3 decades of medical background with energy medicine to help you to use your mind to boost your immunity and energy.

This journey and skillset have evolved from a medical career starting in 1992 when I trained as a nurse. Ten years later I discovered the world of energy medicine which changed the way I view health and wellness.

This course is a set of simple principles and instructions which you can start using instantly.

If your life is not going entirely to plan or you have had to deal with the illness and deaths of loved ones; there will definitely be something in this course to help you to navigate this often difficult path.

This content is designed to help you to appreciate the highs of life for longer and spend less time in the lows.

Whether you are looking for a set of skills for difficult situations, to instantly improve your mood and motivation or to start decluttering your life: there is something here to help you.

If you watch and do what I suggest for more than one week and don't start to notice positive changes in your world; I'll give you a refund. That's how aligned I am with this content.

Will you have the courage to stay on until the end?

I hope so for your own wellbeing.

Welcome on board.



Who this course is for

  1. Those with an open mind
  2. Anyone who has trained in energy work but does not quite understand it
  3. Those who have never trained in energy work but have an interest in it
  4. Anyone who spends prolonged time on their own
  5. Medical practitioners who would like a complimentary set of skills to work with


  1. This was excellent. Adam is extremely engaging. Confident in his approach of Energy. I am very happy I took his course. I highly recommend it ~ Annette S
  2. Enlightening course. I'm amazed with the simplicity of concepts but it may takes time to get it if you are cynical to energy works. But with patience and practice eventually it will sink in. Thanks Adam :) ~ Artemio A
  3. This is really awesome stuff! Glad to have stumbled on to this course! ~ Ian G
  4. I really enjoyed this course because of the simplicity and practicality of it. Sometime we forget that even small actions, when done with the right intention, can completely change our energy and state of mind. Also, the teacher, Adam Shaw was very clear and convincing. Best is that I started implementing things from this course immediately and saw improvements. Highly recommended ~ Juliana
  5. Interesting, thought provoking interactive course that works. I especially enjoyed the sections with the activities to reflect on and apply to your own situation which the trainer makes easy to do. A wide ranging practical impactful course on personal energy ~ Jackie J
  6. Greetings from Brazil. It was very nice to watch your course. Thank you very much ~ Hugo M
  7. Excellent course. Well worth watching ~ G Stern

What you'll learn

  1. Identify the major factors affecting your mental health

  2. Instantly improve your mood

  3. Raise your energy and feel more in control of your life

  4. Be more optimistic about your life

  5. Discover what makes you tick and the bigger purpose of your life

  6. Use a simple technique to feel calmer and sleep better

  7. Give hope to your loved ones in challenging times

  8. Attract more of what you want in your life

  9. Know the early warning signs of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes)


An open mind.

Course Content

18 Sections 18 Lectures 1h 52m total length

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