Integrate Your Shadow, Master Your Energy

Powerful video course that teaches you to do shadow work with easy, highly efficient techniques and master your energy!

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The shadow is the part in us that we consciously or unconsciously split ourselves from, creating separation within us. It is that part in us that we were thought to perceive as unacceptable and wrong. Therefore, we reject it, ignore it or suppress it.

Seeing it as separate is what creates tension, opposition, resistance, not being able to be at peace within our minds and bodies. From relationships to business, it can run the show behind the scenes (subconsciously) to the point of controlling the course of our lives and decisions tremendously.

In its essence, the shadow or the shadow self is nothing but unprocessed or suppressed emotions that need to be acknowledged, energetic blockages and thoughts that create patterns in our system and makes us act and react in certain ways.

There are positive aspects to it as well. For example, the shadow can be a defense mechanism that can help us identify a certain traumatic event that was experienced in the past and we don’t want to repeat anymore. So it’s not necessarily something that stops us to live our lives at peace, it can actually prevent us from threats and unwanted situations if we are aware of it.


Every time we pay attention to the shadow, becoming aware of it, it is called shadow work. Integration is the process of being aware of it fully or mostly, taking the aspects that are positive and use them to navigate life, while at the same time preventing certain events and situations from the past to impact and control our present and future.

When we become aware of the seed of the shadow self, its projections and patterns, the process of integration has already started. With the best tools to go through the integration process, we can efficiently bring clarity and rewire our system and become the masters over our thoughts and emotions, knowing why they arise and how to address them.

Some aspects of the shadow can be integrated and transformed rapidly, while others require more time, depending on their nature and to what extent they used to dictate our lives subconsciously.

When the shadow is acknowledged and integrated, we start to feel whole from within again, we start to be aware of the bigger picture and how it impacted our life and take back the control of our mind and where our energy goes. It changes completely for the better the way we see and act in life, in every circumstance.

Who this course is for

  1. People on the spiritual journey who are ready to feel liberated, peaceful within themselves and whole.
  2. Anyone who understands that life is about both polarities, and willing to integrate their own darkness and heal emotional wounds and release limitations.
  3. Anyone who want to rewire their minds and heal from the past in a very simple, yet powerful and fun way.
  4. People who want to understand the very basics of the human energy.


  1. I finally understand what shadow work is now and how to do it! ~ Arland F
  2. I needed this, thank you! ~ Ciprian G
  3. Very informative! ~ J Blake
  4. I love the way he explains everything. He makes it super clear and understandable, I feel it is the truth and it is very good for me (I think everybody) to understand this part of us and know how to deal with it ~ Rozemarijn P
  5. Shadow work is the most authentic way to feel whole and balance inside. I practiced shadow work years back. This course helps you so much on that path! Keep up the good work! ~ A Thorse

What you'll learn

  1. Understand the shadow/shadow self and learning how to do shadow work and integration
  2. Learning how to be your own healer with simple yet powerful healing techniques
  3. Release energetic blockages and limitations in your mind and body
  4. Step closer to peace within, wholeness and balance
  5. Improve your well-being with healthier habits and new mind patterns
  6. Improves the dynamics of your relationships and what you will attract further
  7. Improve your business/job life by releasing money conditioning and limitations
  8. Step more into abundance in all areas of life by releasing limitations
  9. Be closer to the conscious (co)creator that you came here to be
  10. Engage with other members through comments after every lesson and inspire with your story or find solutions
  11. Have fun more, celebrate yourself and be more alive


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