Italian & Bolognese Cooking Class for Beginners & Food Lovers

How to cook Bolognese and Italian cuisine in easy way

Last updated 3/2023 English

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We’ll explore the flavors of Bolognese and Italian cuisine during this video cooking class.

We will make pasta from scratch and get to know the secrets of Bolognese cuisine through the most famous Bolognese sauce in the world: the BOLOGNESE MEAT SAUCE.

I will teach you how to cook this delicious sauce appreciated by everyone.

But not only that, I will also teach you many cooking techniques and share many tips with you.

Who this course is for

From beginners to food lovers to experts cooks.


This is an excellent course and Luigi makes it very easy for a novice like myself to create lovely tasting food - the real Bolognese way! Would highly recommend this course, clear, concise instructions and great explanations of how to do things. Thank you Luigi and look forward to attending a course in Bologna once we are "free" to travel again! ~ Abyfcooking

What you'll learn

How to cook Italian cuisine in a simple way for beginners and food lovers.

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