KPIs for SMEs

Performance measures that work for small and medium-sized businesses

Last updated 10/2022 English

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This course is aimed at managers, accountants and finance staff working in small and medium sized businesses.

There are many possible performance measures available to business managers – literally hundreds – and it can be difficult to select ones that are going to work for the business.

This course is designed to help. In it I present performance measures that work for small and medium sized businesses. The emphasis is on KPIs that are easy to measure, easy to understand and which provide valuable information about the performance of the business.

There are 28 KPIs presented in this course split into four areas of the business:

  1. Customer focused KPIs
  2. Employee focused KPIs
  3. KPIs of operational performance
  4. KPIs of financial performance

As a manager of a small or medium-sized business, this course will help you to:

  1. Understand which KPIs work best, and are simplest to implement, in a small or medium-sized business
  2. Build a simple framework of KPIs that will present information on the performance of the most important aspects of the business
  3. Establish a straightforward method of monitoring and reporting data that focuses attention on improvement
  4. Interpret the results of the measures, and take action accordingly, while identifying and filtering out false alarms
  5. Develop confidence in performance analysis and use it effectively in the management and improvement of the business

There are examples, and exercises, throughout the course to aid your learning.

Thank you for your interest in this course. I hope you enjoy it.

Who this course is for

  1. Managers in small and medium-sized enterprises
  2. Finance managers
  3. Accountants
  4. CFOs
  5. Finance and accountancy students
  6. Students of business management


Basic framework for KPIs is quite well explained and a framework to pursue them is very well explained ~ Yash B

What you'll learn

  1. Why we measure performance
  2. What makes a good measure?
  3. Presenting performance data
  4. Customer focused KPIs for SMEs
  5. Employee KPIs for SMEs
  6. Operational KPIs for SMEs
  7. Financial KPIs for SMEs
  8. Ten KPIs to get Started
  9. Monitoring and managing performance


There are no pre-course requirements.

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