Live Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & Mixer

Live streaming is a huge opportunity today that most are unaware of.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Is live streaming the best chance today to build a following from zero and start a full time business online at home? Google via YouTube, Facebook, Amazon via Twitch and Microsoft with Mixer have all made big investments in having their own live streaming service which seems to be suggesting that live streaming is a huge opportunity today that most are unaware of. These top web companies all see that audiences are trending into the most interactive formats like live streams of games, music and talk shows.

Viewers are starting to get in the habit of making consistent and generous donations to streamers making a career or business in live streaming one of the best opportunities available today. Advertisers are starting to shift ad dollars away from pre recorded media like YouTube videos and banner ads online into live streams where impressions are guaranteed to reach engaged viewers. The insurance company Geico has already jumped on the chance to get a lot of viewers on Twitch by launching "Geico Gaming."

YouTube just launched a series of tools to help creators monetize live streams after years of depending totally on ad revenue. Facebook just launched their own gaming service at to get more gamers to stream on Facebook. Microsoft is now sending millions of viewers into Mixer from Xbox.

If you have been thinking about live streaming or gotten started already without the results you hoped for, will you please watch this class because you will love the inspiration and practical tips we cover based on my experience streaming online for years?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class!


  1. Great instructor and so honest with real experience! ~ A Alemayhu
  2. Good primer for someone entering the burgeoning enterprise of livestreaming. I especially enjoyed hearing about Jerry's personal journey ~ M Dent
  3. I loved the overview ~ Cecily R

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