Manager Mind: Mastering Management in Practice

Learn how to Master Management and Effective Leadership.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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In this course you will learn how to master management and effective leadership in practice. The contents are structured as follows:

  • Explanation & definition of management and the explanation of the Manager in reality.
  • Effective leadership
    • Principles of effective leadership
    • Tasks of the effective leader
    • Tools for effective leadership
  • Internal & external situation analysis - the Manager's toolbox
    • Tools and methods for the internal analysis
    • Tools and methods for the external analysis
  • Strategy development & key financial ratios
    • Marketing strategy
    • Portfolio management
    • Competitive strategies and differentiation
    • Investment case calculation
    • Most relevant financial ratios
  • Implementation & follow up
    • Setting business goals
    • Creating transparent reports
    • Change management
    • Follow-up in practice
    • Guiding principle: Vision, mission & core values

Within the sections you will find a variety of exercises and practical examples to enable you to put what you have learned into practice.

The various contents were selected according to their practical suitability. I deliberately teach learning content, which has helped me in my professional career to achieve years of growth in my management areas, supplemented by knowledge that will be useful for you. Next to real management skills, you will also learn what mindset a manager should have to do a great job. Of course, we will also cover the field of effective leadership, to enable you to lead people, regardless of whether you lead a team or drive your projects within a company. The topics you will learn will help you to have an excellent entry into a management role or to broaden your horizons in your current management position.

Who this course is for

People with an interest in Management and Leadership.


I want to thank you for the course, Sobair. I had a great learning experience. The effective leadership part was my favourite! ~ Stan M

What you'll learn

  1. Management
  2. Effective Leadership
  3. Management Skills
  4. Management Tools
  5. Guiding Principles
  6. Situation Analysis
  7. Internal Analysis
  8. External Analysis
  9. Financial Ratios
  10. Reporting
  11. Strategy Development
  12. Manager Mindset
  13. Leading with Principles
  14. Leading with Values


Interest in Management and Leadership.

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