Meditation Series for Strength and Resilience

Change your life by learning how to attract the "right" energy into your mind and body through Yoga and EFT

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Be a WARRIOR: 7 Day Kundalini Yoga WARRIOR - Meditation Series for Strength and Resilience

This course is for anybody who wants to be calm, focused and centered especially in these uncertain times. It will build resilience in you and will open you up to new awareness about yourself. It will make you mentally, emotionally and physically stronger and give you clarity to take control of your life. 

This course is also a stepping stone to my other courses in my TM - 

  1. The QundaliniPlus method consists of 4 protocols. Kundalini Kriyas, Meditation from Ancient wisdom traditions, Energy balancing and rejuvenation through meridians and the 7 main energy centers in the body and lastly Cognitive behavioral strategies. 
  2. MIND YOUR MIND (MYM) which are Mindfulness and Emotional resilience courses. 

Big Love, Be blessed and Stay “true” to being YOU. 
Avril Q

Who this course is for

  1. Any person who believes they are not living to their fullest potential and has a desire to change their situation
  2. In terms of age, from 15 years onwards - no limit. Age can't can stop you from living your best life!


  1. Avril puts in great effort to help one understand the practice and theory of self healing. It really helps when she shares personal experiences to explain a point. In my busy schedule, it is not always possible to watch the video. So I often listen to audio. Still quite useful..though the best will be to follow the video and be guided on the journey ~ Bharat G
  2. I loved this course!! It is well structured and very well demonstrated by the instructor. Excellent content, full of useful information about Kundalini yoga, meditations and EFT. It guided me through each of my tapping points. I've started incorporating tapping into my daily schedule. Learned a lot and will try to apply all I've learned into daily practice and living. Highly recommended! ~ Khushboo S
  3. The introduction is very detailed and Avril has painstakingly taken us through the session to help understand the relevance and the benefits of the course modules. Each lesson is very detailed with demonstration on how to follow the teachings. For example, the inputs on weight loss, meditation and Kundalini Yoga are so practical and relevant to all of us ~ Myna B
  4. This course is a life changing one. Basically courses I view on the internet aren't the time and effort that we give but here Avril have explained the art of EFT and Energy healing in a scientific way and with clear explanations. This gave me a new perception towards my approach to my body and my mind. I am able to feel confident and feel great. Every details shared here are well supported by science and examples and I would recommend this to my friends and family ~ Akhilesh M
  5. I am an experienced energy healer and metaphysician and my first impressions of this course are 100% wonderful. Avril's experience and depth of knowledge is obvious. She is engaging and soothing to listen to. Her energy is so positive and giving. I purposefully did not wait till the end of this course to review it because all it takes is the first thirty minutes to realize she is a gifted teacher and healer. I am so pleased I crossed paths with this healer and have the opportunity to observe and learn from her spirit ~ Shelly B

What you'll learn

  1. How simple ancient wisdom techniques which have a lot of science behind them will shift you positively to a place of “acceptance” in your mind, body and soul.
  2. You will understand yourself better and gain more awareness, strength and calm in your life. 


Just bring an open mind and heart. 

Course Content

8 Sections 8 Lectures 1h 41m total length

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