MONEY Guided Meditation

Last updated 5/2023 English

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I am one of the world’s highest rated trainers with a rating of 4.71/5.00 because my stuff works.

I created this guided meditation for myself to create a money flow that would get me out of debt.

And it worked :) :)

I generated over $365,000 which allowed me to repay my $50k of debt.

Manifesting money is all about being in the right mindset and also ALLOWING it to come into our lives. I discovered that I was BLOCKING the money coming to me and I KNOW that is what nearly everyone does. 

So this guided mediation programmes your mind to KNOW the already exists, which it does and ALLOW it to come flooding into your life.

With the mediation you also receive a mini money course that will give you ALL THE SECRETS that you require to manifest money too. This course is based on my experiences, they worked for me, so I know they will work for you too.

Buy this course if you want to transform your life with money.

’Stay Excited.’


What you'll learn

This course will give you the knowledge that you require to manifest money.

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