New Excel Functions in Office365

New Functions in Microsoft Excel for 2021

Last updated 5/2023 English

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In the second half of 2020 Microsoft released a significant upgrade to the most used spreadsheet programme in the world. Microsoft Excel now offers the ability to handle dynamic arrays – functions that return a range of results that update as the source data changes. In this course, we discuss the power of dynamic arrays and introduce the new functions.

The functions I am going to cover are:

  1. RANDARRAY: Creating a table of random numbers or random dates
  2. UNIQUE: Identifying the distinct items in a list
  3. SEQUENCE: Listing numbers with a set interval
  4. SORT and SORTBY: New ways of dynamically sorting data
  5. FILTER: Building the ability to filter data into formulae
  6. XLOOKUP: Replacing VLOOKUP with greater flexibility
  7. IFS and SWITCH making it easier to construct IF statements
  8. The new CONCAT, and TEXTJOIN text functions

These functions are available to users with a current Office365 subscription. They are not available in any earlier versions of Excel including Excel 2019.

If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Excel then these functions will not be available to you and this course might not be for you. But if you do have a subscription to Office365 – either personally or through your work – I think you will find this course extremely useful.

Who this course is for

Beginner and intermediate level users of Microsoft Excel.

What you'll learn

  1. What the new dynamic arrays feature in Microsoft Excel means
  2. How the new RANDARRAY function works
  3. How the new UNIQUE function works
  4. How the new SEQUENCE function works
  5. How the new SORT and SORTBY functions work
  6. How the new FILTER function works
  7. How the new XLOOKUP function can replace VLOOKUP
  8. How to build IF statements with the new IFS function
  9. How the new SWITCH function works
  10. How the new TEXTJOIN function can replace CONCATENATE and CONCAT
  11. How the new Excel functions can be used in management reporting


There are no pre-course requirements.

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