Piano Lessons for Beginners

Learn To Play The Piano In Just 30 Minutes Per Week! Practice Videos Included.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This is the perfect place to start for beginner piano players! Take all the guess work out of how and what to practice. This program comes with specially designed practice videos for each lesson.

Learn To Play The Piano Quickly And Easily Using The Music Coach Learning System.

  1. Learn the basics of how music works with fun easy to understand animated videos.
  2. Use a proven system to take all the guess work out of what to practice.
  3. Gain the confidence to play your piano with others.
  4. Enjoy learning at a pace that is right for you.

Start Playing And Creating Music To Express Your Musical Self

You will learn everything you need to know about the piano, from how to place your hands and make your first sound, to how to play the piano in a band! This course also focuses on how to express yourself through music by teaching beginner improvisation (soloing). The goal of The Music Coach Piano Program is for you to fully express who you are through the instrument.

Content and Overview

I designed this program to help you begin your musical journey on the piano in the most efficient and fun way. This program is suitable for anyone who has a desire to play and has a working piano. There are over 2.5 hours of video lessons and practice videos.

The layout of the course uses a simple format:

  • 1 lesson video that explains a new concept/technique.
  • 1 practice video that has voice overs and graphics to help you play along with the teacher on the screen in "real time".

There are twelve sets of lessons and practice videos that help you learn melody, rhythm, harmony, and improvising. This program also contains a "Jam Room" with a virtual band that you can play along with at different speeds. As an added bonus there are also five music theory made easy animated videos that explain the basic building blocks of music.

At the end of this course you will have the confidence to play the piano both on your own and with others in different musical situations.

Who this course is for

  1. This course is designed for complete beginners.
  2. You don't need any prior experience with the piano or music to get started
  3. This course is NOT for students who already know several scales and songs on the piano


  1. Awesome!! So clear and thorough ~ J Recknagel
  2. I really like how it relates to maths. I like and am enjoying the way the course is presented with a nice different approach. I should elaborate and say this is a 12 week course which is good. It takes the pressure off learning by providing structure and guidance week to week. It gave me time to just practice for a week and stay on schedule according to the course. For me this provided the chance of consolidating what I had learned and reinforcing the concepts for that week ~ Trudy B

What you'll learn

  1. Play the piano in a lead role (melody).
  2. Improvise (solo) over a basic form.
  3. Play the piano in a supportive role (accompaniment).


You will need a piano or keyboard to play.

Course Content

14 Sections 35 Lectures 2h 20m total length

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