Advance Your Career with Operating Systems Online Courses

Exploring the Best Online Operating Systems Courses: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding operating systems is an increasingly important skill in the current job market. According to research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer support specialist jobs are projected to grow 6 percent by 2031, and many of these positions require a strong knowledge base in operating systems. Additionally, case studies have demonstrated how understanding operating systems can help companies save money on hardware and software costs while increasing system efficiency. For instance, one study found that a company was able to reduce their annual cost for IT services by 12% after upgrading their OS from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Enterprise due to improved security features and increased user productivity levels associated with the new OS version.

Understanding Operating Systems is therefore essential for staying competitive in today's job market as it allows individuals access more opportunities within this rapidly growing field.

Advance Your Career with Operating Systems Online Courses

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What are the Challenges of Learning Operating Systems and Why are Online Courses a Great Solution?

Learning operating systems can be a difficult and time-consuming process. It requires an understanding of hardware, software, networking protocols and other technical concepts. Furthermore, the complexity of some operating systems makes it hard for beginners to grasp all the concepts quickly. Online courses are therefore a great solution as they provide learners with access to quality instruction from experienced professionals in an interactive environment. They also allow learners to study at their own pace while receiving support from instructors when needed.

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Best 4 Online Courses for Operating Systems

Server Management: An In-Depth Look at What It Is

This course provides a comprehensive overview of installing, configuring, and managing DELL Servers, HP Servers and IBM Servers. It covers the essential knowledge needed to understand server processor technology; server memory technology; server hard disk technology; remote management hardware and its technologies for each brand; configuration of iDRAC in DELL Server, ILO in HP Server, RAID Technology & Levels along with understanding RAID Controller features for all brands as well as configuring RAID on an HP Server.

This skill set can help advance your career by providing you with the necessary foundation for more advanced positions such as System Administrator or IT Manager roles which require these core skill sets.

Course Requirements

  1. Basic Knowledge on Computer Hardware and Networking
  2. Knowledge on Windows Server Operating System


  • I work in a Service Provider Company as a telecommunication network engineer, and at the same time I needed to know everything about Server manufacturers and technologies. It is why I subscribed to this course ~ E Arnold
  • It was detailed knowledge about server pc. very helpful ~ P Patil

End User Computing (EUC): What You Need to Know to Excel

This course is designed to equip the candidates with the necessary skills required for becoming an Entry Level L1, Desktop Support, Service Engineer, Customer Support Engineer, FM Engineer, Hardware Engineer and IT Support Specialist in End User Computing environment. In this course they will learn about topics such as Desktop/Laptop Computer Hardware Technology like Motherboard, Hard Disk, Memory Processors, Assembling Computer Peripherals Like Printers & Scanners, Windows 10 Operating System, Understanding latest Technologies, Troubleshooting all kinds of hardware related issues etc.

It also develops their candidature/skills to face job interviews successfully. Home/Individual users can identify the root cause of issues occurring in their Desktops/Laptops on their own without help from any other person and fix, troubleshoot or solve them accordingly. They shall also gain knowledge to take International Certification such as CompTIA A+ Essentials & Practical Applications too through this course.

Furthermore, this course helps candidates prepare for job interviews as well as allows home/individual users to identify root causes of their own desktop/laptop problems and solve them without assistance from others.

Course Requirements

  1. Candidates should have a basic knowledge about computers & Operating System
  2. Candidates with any degree
  3. Home or Individual Computer users


  • Comprehensive course for fundamental IT knowledge. I learnt a lot about computer and IT stuff! Thank you ~ H Hilmi
  • Yes, this course is very suitable for my career ~ S Banik
  • I am happy to have come across this course. I've been trying to expand my understanding of computer hardware, and this course goes above and beyond. Thanks for giving me all this information, I will enjoy continuing this course ~ Eric Berg

Hyper-V: An In-Depth Look at Administration and Clustering

This course gives you the complete knowledge from scratch to master in Hyper-V Administration, Hyper-V Clustering, Failover Clustering, NLB Clustering.

It covers topics related to Hyper-V Architecture, such as installing the Hyper-V role in Windows Server 2019, configuring virtual switches in Hyper-V, creating and managing virtual machines (VM) and Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs), merging checkpoint disks, expanding or shrinking VHDs. It also includes topics on migrating VMs using replication technology as well as setting up a Failover Cluster for Hyper-V VMs with configuration of network settings between nodes. Finally it provides an introduction to Failover Clustering with instructions on how to configure Quorum Disk and Network Load Balancing (NLB).


  • The course was very nice. It helps me in clarifying my doubt. Thank you so much ~ Moirangthem N
  • Great teaching, it's totally practical knowledge which is most important ~ S Malwadkar
  • Without knowledge of clustering you are able to understand, It is very useful for everyone. Nice explanation ~ Koteswara R
  • Good to learn from you. Cleared about Hyper-V, Failover Cluster and NLB ~ Laeeque A
  • Explained all the topics in a simple way. It is very easy to understand ~ Bipul M

What You'll Learn

  1. Install and configure a Windows Server 2016
  2. Configure Windows Server 2016 as a DHCP server
  3. Configure Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers
  4. Add Windows 10 Workstations to your Server 2016 Domain
  5. Create Group Policy Objects (GPOs) using Group Policy Management
  6. Create users, groups, and OUs using Active Directory Users & Computers
  7. Install and manage Windows Server 2016 Core (Standard) Edition
  8. Install and manage IIS Web Management Services

Microsoft Windows Server 2016: Hands-on Training

This course offers a comprehensive hands-on training in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. It is designed for those who want to learn the administration skills for Installing and Configuring a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 domain and for those who prefer hands-on learning over lecture and quiz. The course is broken down into short video tutorials that are less than 5 minutes long and comes with lab practice to follow along. It covers the most common roles and services found on a Microsoft 2016 network and helps prepare for the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exam 70-740. Students who take and complete the course will install and configure a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 domain complete with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy, Certificates, and other roles.

Course Requirements

  1. Completion of both my Server 2012 courses, Parts I and II (recommended)
  2. MAC or Windows Desktop PC or laptop with a minimum of 4GB of RAM (8GB preferred)
  3. System BIOS with virtualization capabilities
  4. Internet access


  • Straight forward and teaches you what you need to know without a lot of technical jargon ~ S Bastic
  • This course is a good fit for me as a support technician I rarely get a chance to try things out in my production domain ~ E McGowan
  • Very excellent course. I recommend this course to anyone who aspires to become a server expert ~ AO Chris
  • Fantastic, really good presentation Professor K. Enjoy your courses, I hope you have Windows Server 2019 out soon. Looking forward to it. You make learning fun an easy. Thank you ~ Edward N
  • Thank you for the detailed instruction on setting up the lab for the course ~ Nathalie V
  • Excellent explanation and very short videos. Also, very important steps have been covered so far ~ Akbar K
  • Awesome! I have learned so much from you videos. Thank you ~ JJ Lotter
  • Excellent videos. Mention everything in details ~ Ruiwei H
  • Excellent video, I was able to follow along and create my own Forest and Domain Controller ~ Wilfredo B


The significance of comprehending operating systems in the current job market cannot be overstated. The hurdles associated with learning these systems can seem intimidating, but online courses offer a great solution.

This blog post discussed four such courses:

  1. Server Management: An In-Depth Look at What It Is
  2. End User Computing (EUC): What You Need to Know to Excel
  3. Hyper-V: An In-Depth Look at Administration and Clustering
  4. Microsoft Windows Server 2016: Hands-on Training

Each provides comprehensive information and resources to assist you in advancing your career prospects. Every class offers an overview of the main features, a comprehensive curriculum, as well as testimonials from those who have already finished it successfully.

We highlighted how taking each one of these classes could help you progress professionally within this field and that they are suitable for both beginners or experienced professionals alike. In conclusion, if you want to learn more about operating systems we highly recommend considering any one or more of them!

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Ilanchezhian K
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Featured Uplyrn Expert
Ilanchezhian K

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