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Revamp Career Centers to Improve Professional Development

No matter where one works, professional development remains essential to improving one’s skills. In this day and time, one would think it’s easy to make this happen, but there are so many variables.

When it comes to a Career Center, they assist in prospective employees develop and strengthen their skill sets with the intent of them getting employed soon.

Career Centers assist on an individual basis by working one on one and can do some training sessions as a whole on general topics.

But how many Centers provide professional development based upon recommendations from businesses that are in desperate need of immediate hires?

More importantly, how is the training given at Career Centers? 

If the answer is a drive by style where the instructor reads from a PowerPoint, please consider this question: why not revamp the training format?

Revamp Career Centers to Improve Professional Development

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To optimize any professional development, consider looking at two ways in which it can be conducted

There are advantages to both the Train-the-Trainer and Online Platform. What I like about these options is they are both flexible and yet low-cost based after launch.

To build both options, five structures will need to be created.


Organizers must identify specific needs and desires from the businesses. 

Details such as skills trained, time of sessions, etc, would also need be discussed here where an outline is formally developed.


Data compiled from the Identify stage would then be configured into the two options. 

Part of the evaluation should determine which sessions on individual skills versus the job itself. 

Here employers provide feedback on common skills that are lacking on-site and how to incorporate it into the training.

Set Up

In this step, a discussion with the IT team to see how the integration could be formatted and prepared for usage to the members and their employees. 

Included in this step is a pilot of each option to verify it matches the outcomes desired.


An overview of how to use, register and modify sessions would be shared. 

Another important factor is the person conducting the training. It will behoove no one to have a professional teach and they put their students to sleep! Not everyone may have a rockstar, but effective training will only take place with someone who exudes enthusiasm and willing to go beyond reading the slides or a script.

Instructors must include in their plans all learning styles if students are to get everything out of the courses. Most important, they should teach the way they would want to be taught!


In the final step, it would be updated to the Career Center for deployment.

Feedback from the process to the instructors will provide insight on what needs modifying.

Those who participate in the training should also provide feedback to improve the quality of the sessions.

There's always time to rethink how we provide professional development especially when it comes to those who need the skills for the job.

So what’s your solution to adding professional development in your Career Center?

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Featured Uplyrn Expert
Dr. Aaron Smith
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Top 50 Excellence In Education
Founder of Workplace Readiness Solutions

Subjects of Expertise

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Design Thinking
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