Social Media Basics

Building a successful business and scale what you are doing well.

Last updated 4/2023 English

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You can get the most of this course by trying out tools that you think might be useful for you and then see which one you want to use on a regular basis. Just by looking at the lectures you can get an idea whether it’s worth trying and then you will get the real benefit when you actually give it a try.

When you go through the communication tools, it can be very helpful for you over the long term. When you try each of the tools, you can count on building a successful business with what you are doing and being able to scale what you are doing well.

The key for me to working online seems to be not using just one tool or just a set of skills successfully but bringing in a whole bunch of tools together almost like music, like a piano and begin to play the keys all together in unison so a beautiful song comes out.

These tools are more keys that you can play, more things that you can use to make a beautiful song out of the work you do.

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