Social Media Marketing & Management Course

Learn what works best for success on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram!

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Take this course to learn what works best for success on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram! 

Immediately see what each social media platform will work best to help you focus your learning on getting the highest return and the best results with your social media marketing! With millions of followers on social media that I built completely online with no outside funding or assistance, you can trust that what I share with you can have the potential to work for you as it does for me!

The idea with this course is to inspire you to answer the question which social network is where I should invest the majority of my time and which is worth trying? You get a detailed look at my history with social media marketing including how I repeatedly turned what seemed like failures into what consistently is called success now that I have a huge audience online. I honestly show you my failures and successes in the course to give you both practical tips and a little entertainment value.

On Facebook, see that most activity occurs in the newsfeed and in messages. Use this knowledge to focus your efforts on being seen in these two places by the people closest to you already and to connect with new people to expand your network. See how I used Facebook to build trust and relationships to get the best results over time. Hear my thoughts on when you should you use a Facebook page, Facebook group or your Facebook profile? Answer the question of when is it worth it to make a Facebook page? You WILL get a laugh out of seeing my current page and a comparison with my first Facebook page! Take a look at what type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments and shares. Know where to get help from Facebook when you have problems. You even get a lecture showing how to quickly make effective Facebook Ad Campaigns.

On YouTube, enter into a world of organic search traffic and long term viral growth. Visit the two places people spend time with you. Meet the creator studio and hear the one thing most critical for success. Unlock your gold on YouTube in the community tab. Get an explanation of the YouTube channel features including how to get a subscribe button on all of your videos. Start thinking globally first instead of local from day 1. Then get a look at the 7 ways I make viral YouTube videos. See how I got (and you can get) 100,000+ YouTube views on a video in 2 weeks!

On Twitter, join in with the brute force automatic tweeting world sending website traffic and social proof your way! Learn what type of tweet gets the best engagement using an example from what Google does. Enjoy a tutorial showing how to make a picture tweet that fills the timeline for people following you. Guess why I got so many followers on Twitter and see the answer. Take a look at how to search for the right people to follow and your ideal followers on Twitter. Investigate where following people on Twitter earns me so many followers. Remember the names of a few third party services that help unfollowing people on Twitter go faster and maybe even give HootSuite a try for auto posting tweets! Push the limits with an amazing strategy using CoPromote!

On LinkedIn, focus your energy on what is most important right away while you look at the basic features. Review how I made an all star LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections and ranking in the top 20% of people like me that already are influential online. Turn people viewing your LinkedIn profile into sales by showing off the media you have created and articles you have published right at the beginning of your public profile. Add a powerful strategy using LinkedIn posts to get people reading your blog and a strategy for effortlessly building connections to your daily work on LinkedIn. Open up a LinkedIn messaging for connections, relationships, and leads that can make you new lifetime customers. Work LinkedIn groups into expanding your network on LinkedIn. Pull up the blinds on the easiest way to get organic traffic on LinkedIn using the publish post feature! Decide whether a LinkedIn premium account is worth it.

On Pinterest, start simply with seeing how to make a pin on Pinterest from a website. Understand the Pinterest demographics explained which include mostly young and middle aged women! View a simple strategy showing how to get organic engagement on Pinterest happens with pins in of the newsfeed. Pinning onto a board in Pinterest is like putting a note in your scrapbook and see why this is worth doing. Learn where notifications are on Pinterest and how you can see who is following you. Setup a Pinterest business account and see how to join as a business or convert your personal. Dive into Pinterest analytics available for businesses show you impressions and audience!

On Instagram, employ the strategy I did to build 500 followers with very little effort to get popular fast on the big social network! 

Finally, wrap up with stories of how I messed up my social media marketing about as bad as you can and lived to tell about it here today! If you read this far, I am going to guess you can get a ton of value out of this course.

Course Content

10 Sections 86 Lectures 6h 16m total length

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