Tableau Server 2019.1 Administration

Complete preparation guide for Tableau Server 2019.1

Last updated 1/2023 English

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Excited to announce the release of a long-awaited course: Tableau Server 2019.1 Administration.

Enrolling in this course will help you:

  1. Learn best practices around Tableau Server governance, security, performance, scalability, and ease-of-use that will help you get the most out of your Tableau investment
  2. This advanced course covers Tableau Server internal processes, high availability, management of Users, Content, Data Sources, and much more.
  3. Apply your skills on real-world data and problems designed to help you grasp basic and advanced concepts.

The revamped version of "Tableau Server 2019.1 Administration" course created with Tableau Server 2019.1 and has been designed specifically to answer "How anyone can manage and configure daily tasks of the administrator"? The course will provide that missing gap by giving an opportunity to manage and configure the Tableau Server by having the learner themselves take on the role of a Tableau Admin, and actually produce results by executing projects, tasks, and taking on responsibilities that are conducted on a day to day or weekly basis. This, in turn, will give confidence, encouragement and a sense of direction to what exactly is expected from a Server Admin, thus increasing chances of getting a new opportunity.

When Learning, Learn the Latest

I work to keep this course full of the most up-to-date Tableau Server material out there. This course is compatible with Tableau Server version 2019.1, the newest Tableau Server version available. You’re getting access to hot-off-the-press features.

There’s No Better Time to Learn Tableau Server

According to the 2019 Gartner's report for BI and Analytics, Tableau is in the leader quadrant. This means more jobs opportunity and stable career growth for you.

You Might Get Stuck. But I’m Here to Help

There’s nothing worse than getting five hours into a course, getting stuck, and not getting the help you need to continue. I’m in the Q&A every day to help you get unstuck. I reply to every question to get you back on track.

The knowledge and skills acquired will position the student to fast track their way to creating a sound and extensible Tableau Platform. 

Note: This class is taught using a Windows server environment.

Who this course is for
  1. All students taking this course MUST have experience with System Administration, Data science/Analytics or Software Development Or have worked previously as a Business analyst, Data scientist Or want to pursue a career in big data analytics.
  2. You can use any machine with Windows operating system or Linux OS.
  3. All material and software will be provided via trial downloads.
  1. The course content is helpful and the tutor is good in explanation ~ Rajesh J S
  2. Thank you very much. This course is really informative and helpful for building concepts ~ Pavan K
  3. Awesome, thank you for a good job well done. This course is highly recommended for anyone who is planning to take a Tableau Server Administrator exam. Well detailed and impactful ~ Tijani D
  4. Its really good Content and insights are there in this course. I would love to suggest this course to my peers ~ M Shakeeer
  5. I am new to the Tableau Server, and i find the detail of the explanations quite good. Will recommend this for anyone preparing for the Server Certification ~ P Finlay
  6. It was very comprehensive of the product and include additional tips like Logshark and TabMigrate that are very helpful as well ~ Courtney D 
What you'll learn
  1. This course will help you build expertise around Tableau Server administration with the focus on the detailed introduction to each and every element of Tableau server admin role.
  2. At the end of this course, Student will have the necessary 'experience' in managing, configuring, installing, and deploying Tableau Server environment to enhance the knowledge gained by this course.
  1. This course is specifically designed for students that have no prior experience/knowledge on Tableau Server administration.
  2. But having prior experience with Tableau desktop or system administration is definitely a plus point and speed up understanding.
Course Content
9 Sections 50 Lectures 10h 0m total length

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