The Three Laws of Improvement

How to make a Start with Improvement and unleash the power of your people for improvement

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Making a start with business improvement can be daunting. There are many “methodologies” out there and a confusing array of terms.

But improvement does not need to be complicated. There are core principles that can guide you on your improvement journey.

That is the purpose of this course. The Three Laws of Improvement describe the principles you can use to make a start improving things in your organisation. And the most effective way to improve is to unleash the power of your people. This course covers ways to start engaging your people in improvement.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in making a start with improvement is making the time available for teams to meet and analyse and improve problems. The course covers that too, showing you how to financially quantify the benefits of improvement to justify the investment of time.

The Three Laws of Improvement and Unleashing the Power of your People for Improvement” will help you get improvement started in your organization, covering the rules you need to know to get started; how to get your people involved; and how to quantify the benefits. We hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial for your improvement journey.

Who this course is for

  1. Business students
  2. Management trainees and interns
  3. Managers
  4. Leaders

What you'll learn

  1. The Three Laws of Improvement
  2. How to make a start with Improvement
  3. Simple tools to support improvement activity
  4. Principles for Process Design
  5. How to unleash the power of your people for improvement
  6. Engaging People in Improvement
  7. Dealing with Resistance to Change
  8. Quantifying the Benefits of Improvement


There are no pre-course requirements.

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