Web Server Hacking Cyber Security Course: Module 2

Last updated 5/2022 English

Start hacking web servers today with this cyber security job training course featuring the fundamentals of web server hacking including the newest tools and techniques.

Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!

What you'll learn
  1. Hacking web servers fundamentals
  2. Installing Python 3 on Windows 7 and setting up simple Python HTTP server
  3. Installing XAMPP on Windows 7
  4. Installing Apache and working with simple web server on Kali Linux
  5. Working with web servers on Kali Linux
  6. Installing and playing around with Bee-Box and Kali Linux
  7. Working with Bee-Box on Kali Linux
  8. and more…

This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement.