YouTube Ads with Google AdWords for Video

A new approach to AdWords using YouTube advertising also known as Google AdWords for video.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Would you try watching this course today to make your experience with Google AdWords and YouTube advertising easier than mine was?

In 2011 when I started using Google AdWords to get clicks to my website and promote my business online, I wasted thousands of dollars getting clicks I did not need and hundreds of hours working with the ads only to get my account suspended as soon as I got a positive ROI.

By 2012, I started managing Google AdWords for clients based on my experience failing to do my own ads successfully. Amazingly, client ads were often easier to do than my own and inspired me to try a new approach to AdWords using YouTube advertising also known as Google AdWords for video.

YouTube now is my biggest asset online thanks to YouTube advertising and continues to help me build deeper relationships with followers and customers that just watched one video.

Four years after I got my first AdWords account suspended, I gained enough courage to try again on advertising my online courses with a new website and new business model. From the beginning, I was getting sales for $20 in ad spend and eventually got down to sales consistently for $5 with display ads and $8 with search ads. Organic search traffic follow up from students sharing the courses, my work on Google AdWords became part of a multimillion dollar sales system selling courses online.

That sounded impressive right? Good because I love to try and impress everyone with how smart I am. Let's enjoy the flight up for a moment before back down to earth again. My Google AdWords advertising system was so good you were sure to encounter my courses and soon my courses were a dominant presence with me having as many as 170,000+ students in my courses. At one point my ad spend was nearly $1,000 per day with around 1,000 clicks to 10,000 per day from nearly every country in the world. I had an affiliate remarketing system setup that was just on the edge of the terms and conditions where if you searched online you would find my lecturer course with no affiliate link and then I would show you ads to go back to my course with an affiliate link.

With so many students in my courses, I could actually track affiliate conversions in Google AdWords and was continually consuming more of the entire student base into my courses.

l show you how I setup my advertising system and help you get through your challenges with more grace than I did with Google AdWords. Today that last part of my system that still works is YouTube remarketing ads which I am continuing to do at scale with my business.

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