ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1 & 2

All you need to know to fast track to success with your grade 1 and 2 ABRSM theory exam.

Last updated 6/2023 English

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This course of instruction covers the grade 1 & 2 ABRSM theory syllabus in full. Within the syllabus you will be shown the basic principles of music theory covering key areas which will enhance your understanding and lay the foundations for further study to higher grades if desired.  The course is delivered via video tutorials. This course will provide you with a fast track opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the grade 1 & 2 theory exam. This knowledge will open up many doors for aspiring musicians.  If you acquire a certain amount of understanding of the 'nuts and bolts' of theory you will be able to learn to read music with ease. Having an understanding of theory will increase your opportunities of playing music with others. If you read music you can join local groups, bands or orchestra's and enjoy playing with like minded musicians.  If you need to gain your grade 1 & 2  ABRSM theory exam or if you just wish to brush up on your theory knowledge, this course is for you. ABRSM currently works in over 90 different countries around the world. ABRSM are currently rolling out examinations online so where ever you live in the world there will be an opportunity to sit the exam.

Who this course is for

  1. This course is particularly suited to students embarking on the grade one and two ABRSM theory exam.
  2. It will also be of benefit to those just wishing to brush up on their theory knowledge.


  1. So good to be able to go at your own pace. Very well explained and demonstrated as well as easy to follow ~ A Linnell
  2. It was very easy to work through the modules and the quiz sections helped to consolidate what I'd learned. The instructor had a nice tone as he used straight forward language when discussing key points. I am looking forward to sit my exam. I hope there will be some more courses for other grades ~ R Stone
  3. I am really studying grade 5/6 but decided to have a look at all the levels and I think that if I were really studying grade 1, I would be happy with the way grade one was organized and taught. I am a retired language teacher so I feel I can assess the course from a teaching point of view and I find it very to the point and amenable at the same time ~ P Chambers
  4. This is really good, if you are just learning music theory or want to brush up on the course, especially if you only know one type of cleft and you need to know the others say for if your learning a new instrument or for school or exams, its a starter so it takes you right back and you can go over the areas that you don't know or have forgotten.....It's a great course and you can take as long as you like, so long as you don't have exams coming up, so if you have problems studying like me its perfect ~ Yvonne
  5. I found this course very helpful in the fact that it was clear and well presented. It covered all the topics in the grade one course and the instructor presented the course in a straight forward manner. The quiz topics and additional resources were excellent. I would recommend other theory students to try this course as it has been a great learning experience for me ~ S Roberts
  6. I really enjoyed the course as it explained in detail the key aspects of basic music theory. The instructor was clear & precise with his teaching and the video production was very good. The quiz's were well written and the additional resource material was excellent. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to sit their grade one ABRSM exam or anyone just wishing to increase their musical knowledge ~ F Ferris
  7. Very well presented and at a great pace with very good quiz to test your knowledge ~ L Venus
  8. Because it is explained excellently and I cannot help but listen ~ B Sydenham
  9. Well easy to follow and understand with good explanations, thanks! ~ S O'Donnell
  10. My experience on music theory is great it was very helpful with my music exam practice. The instructor was very clear and straight foreword ~ S Rajesh

What you'll learn

The learning modules cover accidentals, adding missing bar lines, intervals, key signatures, major scales, notes & note values, questions on a melody, simple time signatures, single dotted notes & rests, the stave, tonic triads and the treble & bass clef.


  1. There are no requirements to take this course. 
  2. It's an introduction to music theory and will teach you the basic theory prinicipals.

Course Content

9 Sections 23 Lectures 2h 10m total length

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