ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1 - 5

All you need to know to fast track to success with the ABRSM theory examinations grades 1 - 5.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course of instruction covers the grade 1 - 5 ABRSM theory syllabus in full. Within the syllabus you will be shown the principles of music theory covering key areas which will enhance your understanding and lay the foundations for further study to higher grades if desired. The course is delivered via video tutorials. This course will provide you with a fast track opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the grades 1 - 5 theory exam. This knowledge will open up many doors for aspiring musicians. If you acquire a certain amount of understanding of the 'nuts and bolts' of theory you will be able to learn to read music with ease. Having an understanding of theory will increase your opportunities of playing music with others. If you read music you can join local groups, bands or orchestra's and enjoy playing with like minded musicians. If you need to gain your grade 1,2,3,4 or 5 ABRSM theory exam or if you just wish to brush up on your theory knowledge, this course is for you. ABRSM currently works in over 90 different countries around the world. ABRSM are currently rolling out examinations online so where ever you live in the world there will be an opportunity to sit the exam.

Who this course is for

  1. This course is particularly suited to students embarking on ABRSM graded theory exams 1 - 5.
  2. It will also be of benefit to those just wishing to brush up on their theory knowledge.


  1. I love this course! Thank you teacher! ~ A Cortiana
  2. This course helped me a lot. It enabled me to acquire a clear understanding of many concepts over a very short period of time. Much appreciated! ~ O Jmel
  3. This is awesome, music theory have always be kind of boring and frustrating to me. But this course helped understand things better, and the modules are very clear and well organized ~ R Sheng
  4. Perfect course for anyone wishing to take ABRSM Grade 1-5 theory or just wanting to learn more music theory in general. Michael was great at explaining, gave plenty of examples, and answered any questions I had promptly! ~ I Gascoigne
  5. The course is well-structured and interesting. The lectures are clear and given in small sections. The teacher quickly responds to your questions. I would highly recommend the course to any ABRSM candidate ~ M Morawski
  6. The course gave me a good overview of music theory  ~ Joyce T
  7. It teaches through the whole ABRSM Theory syllabus and very detailed short episodes and lots of Material to practice on ~ Nirav
  8. It helped me a lot in studying ABRSM theory ~ Y Patni
  9. Very easy to understand! ~ Joyce L
  10. Interesting! I love it ~ Amber M
  11. It is great so far & I am understanding the course, step by step very well ~ R Rajgopal
  12. Yeah it is really helpful - I am working towards my Grade 5 theory exam, and am going over the basics to really ground my knowledge. I am learning so much, and I am so glad I bought the course. Thank you :) ~ H Mackinnon
  13. Very easy to understand. Found myself enjoying the learning process immensely ~ Chan C C
  14. I knew most of it before so it was a quick refresher. The information is presented very simply too so even if I were a first time learner I would be able to catch on quickly ~ D Griffith
  15. I like the way teacher describe every think very quickly and straight to the point. I have understand a lot of things ~ H Azad
  16. Mr Luck's course makes the journey from ABRSM Music Theory 1 to ABRSM Music Theory 5 more manageable. Every bit of music knowledge is carefully carefully explained through easy-to-remember concept boxes and hands-on practical exercises. Many Thanks and Best Wishes ~ F Birdsong
  17. Yes. It is really good. Tutor has paced the class very well and the information is clear and concise. Great use of repetition without being boring, which is really necessary to enforce info. Really enjoying !! ~ O Carolan
  18. This course is excellent value. So much informative and relevant information which is presented in a very clear manner. You are taken step by step through the syllabus material from grade 1 beginner level all the way to grade 5 a more advanced level. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to gain a grade 5 ABRSM qualification or anyone who needs to recap on their theory skills. Hope to see grade 6 in the near future ~ R Manning
  19. This course taught me so many new things and it was such a good choice to purchase this. The instructor taught the course in much detail. This music theory course even helped me do well on my exam! ~ Eva L
  20. Great course. The teaching method makes even the more difficult aspects of music theory easy to comprehend ~ P Hollis

What you'll learn

The learning modules cover the following subject areas:

  1. Cadences
  2. Chords
  3. Clefs
  4. Enharmonics
  5. Intervals
  6. Key Signatures
  7. Modulation
  8. Note Grouping
  9. Orchestra
  10. Ornaments
  11. Major Minor & Chromatic Scales
  12. Simple & Compound Time
  13. Technical Names
  14. Terms
  15. Time Signatures & Transposition.


  1. There are no requirements to take this course. 
  2. It's an introduction to music theory and will teach you the basic theory principles.

Course Content

26 Sections 81 Lectures 10h 37m total length

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