Business Finance 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Business Accounting and Finance

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The Oxford English dictionary defines “finance” as: “The monetary resources and affairs of a state, organization, or person”

This course is about business finance – the management of the monetary resources of an organisation. It is aimed at people who want a primer in business finance without having to study accountancy. Every manager, or student of management, requires a good grasp of business finance. This course will help.

Business finance concerns the management of the monetary resources of an organisation. There are two aspects to this:

  1. Raising the money to invest in the business
  2. Managing that investment properly to generate a return

Raising the money is about having an attractive proposition and managing the risk to investors. Managing the investment is about the financial controls and reporting of the business. Topics covered include the reasons why businesses fail; the two main purposes of finance and accounting; key principles of business finance; the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cashflow Statement; financial performance indicators; and investment analysis.

Three are three main reasons for business failure – an under-skilled management team; ineffective marketing; and poor financial management. This course will help you get to grips with financial management covering the key principles and issues in business finance.

We hope you enjoy the course.

Who this course is for

  1. Students of business management
  2. Students of business finance
  3. Managers in business
  4. Management trainees
  5. People with an interest in the basics of business finance


Very informative. Easy to understand. Simplistic language ~ Pranisha L

What you'll learn

  1. What we mean by business finance
  2. The history of business finance
  3. The two main purposes of business finance
  4. The key principles of business finance
  5. What debits and credits are
  6. The three key financial statements in business
  7. The Balance Sheet and how it works
  8. The Income Statement and how it works
  9. The Cashflow Statement and how it works
  10. Key financial performance indicators in business
  11. Simple tools for analysing business investments


There are no pre-course requirements.

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