Camtasia, Final Cut Pro X & Wirecast for Live Streaming

Speed up your learning with the video production software that works to make videos online.

Last updated 4/2023 English

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How would you feel if you could use Camtasia Studio, Camtasia 2, Final Cut Pro X, and Wirecast (livestreaming) to make videos and share them online? Producing videos is the single most valuable skill I have learned online because it allows me to share and teach everything else I know. Take this course when you are ready to speed up your learning with the video production software that works for me to make videos online including all of the videos in this course!

You can use this course at any level of video production because the Wirecast section in the course is for live streaming which is the most advanced type of video production I am aware of. If you are a beginner, you can skip a lot of hours of painful learning that I took to learn most of these programs myself. If you are like me and already have used some of the software like Camtasia and want to expand your abilities, you might be inspired to try Final Cut Pro X or Wirecast to enhance your video production abilities.

You also get a complete walkthrough of all the equipment I am using today to film all kinds of different videos from simple talking head videos with a webcam up through live streaming video games on my Windows PC using a green screen and a capture card to an iMac with Wirecast.

What you'll learn

  1. Learn to create & export online videos with 6 hours of content
  2. Understand what video production hardware & software you need: the right computer, lighting setup, green screen, etc.
  3. Master Camtasia Studio to create screen capture video tutorials
  4. Use Final Cut Pro X to craft long YouTube video tutorials & talking head videos
  5. Craft online courses, live streams & more
  6. Tap into a potentially lucrative source of income

Course Content

6 Sections 46 Lectures 3h 16m total length

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