Digital Advertising & Marketing 201: Trends & Topics

Advanced Digital Marketing Course | Header Bidding, Fraud/Viewability, Big Data, Programmatic, Mobile Advertising & more

Last updated 5/2023 English

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**Part 2 to Digital Advertising & Digital Marketing 101**

Are you a media professional or student who already has a baseline understanding of the space and are looking to expand to more advanced subjects? Then Digital Advertising & Marketing 201 is for you!

The follow up to my very popular course, Digital Advertising & Marketing 101, this course gives a more in depth explanation of the complex world of Digital Marketing. Using a combination of in person explanations as well as voiced over presentations and animations, I shed light on the processes that take place every day in order to deliver trillions of ads on billions of digital devices.

Topics Covered Are:

  1. Programmatic Advertising & Real Time Bidding (RTB): Programmatic buying and selling is an automated way of executing buys that used to be done by hand. I explain how this works, the companies involved, and what these terms mean.
  2. Waterfalls & Header Bidding: Ever wonder how ads actually are chosen to run in an app or on a website site? Are you a media publisher looking to put more strategy into your digital ad products? This section is for you.
  3. Mobile - SDKs & Consumer Trends: Time spent on mobile overtook desktop in 2016. Learn how mobile works, different products, and important trends.
  4. Verification/Bots/Fraud & Viewability: Worried about fraud when it comes to digital advertising? So are the pros. In this section I outline what kind of fraud exists, and how advertisers and tech companies are fighting back.
  5. Data Collection & Use (+DMPs): By now you know the importance of Data, but do you know what “data” actually is and how it's collected and used? This section breaks it down and explains everything you need to know about advertising data.
  6. What The Future of Digital Advertising Looks Like: Nearly every day there is a new product, company, or trend affecting the advertising world. I cover a few high-level things you should be aware of that could result in major changes to our industry.

Join me as I explain what programmatic advertising actually means. How Header-Bidding works, and why it's changing the digital marketing and digital advertising world. How mobile use is affecting advertising spending and how it continues to grow. How advertisers verify that what they're buying is what they're getting. How advertisers use data to pinpoint their exact target audience. And finally, what companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are doing to stay relevant and grow in this ever changing landscape.

The skills you will learn in this course can be applied in any country and to any company. The digital marketing and digital advertising space is a global industry and professionals in the space need to have a global mindset to succeed.

If you have even a basic understand of the Digital Marketing & Advertising space, then I highly recommend taking this course. There is so much more to digital marketing and advertising than just Facebook and Google and this course explains what those “other things” actually are and how you can use them to promote your product or brand, or to further monetize your content.

According to recent trends by Statista, the digital marketing & advertising industry is on pace to be worth over $330B a year by 2021. If you’re not already learning about this industry, you will be soon. Get a jump start on your career, your co-workers, and peers by taking this intermediate-advance level course.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who took Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 and wants to learn the next level
  2. Anyone in the digital advertising or media field who wants to learn more about advertising
  3. Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the digital advertising space
  4. People who want to learn about programmatic advertsiing
  5. People who want to learn about Header Bidding and its affect on publisher demand
  6. Media professionals expanding their knowledge of digital media
  7. Digital Marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge of the advertising space


  1. ★★★★★ “When combined with Ben's 101 course, the two classes make for a thorough and well-organized primer on digital media today. Perfect for marketing people and agency folks (creative, account) who are not immersed in a media agency. It will give you a foundation for how digital media is structured, a clear explanation of the jargon and acronyms you'll hear bantered about, and a better understanding of the opportunities available. The 201 course goes into important detail about some of the key changes that have taken place in digital advertising recently. Ben explains the concepts clearly and succinctly. Definitely worth the time investment.” ~ Shawn E Fraser
  2. ★★★★★ “This course is amazing. I do affiliate marketing and always wanted to learn about programmatic advertising and this course me taught that. I completed this for an interview and the employer was really impressed by the knowledge I had. Hope there is another in-depth version of this course. Where he goes into ad platforms or ad servers and teaches the real world applications.” ~ Suryameet Singh
  3. ★★★★★ “Comprehensive overview...detailed!” ~ Kaithlean Crotty-Clark
  4. ★★★★★ “So full of useful info deeper into the digital marketing world.” ~ Jennifer Vitug
  5. ★★★★★ “Excellent and to the point, the instructor has complete knowledge about the course, I would definitely recommend this to everyone.” ~ Syed Mehdi Asghar
  6. ★★★★★ “Very good, it touches subjects that in other courses are not mentioned…” ~ José Luis Ojeda
  7. ★★★★★ “Clear and to the point. I like the pace as well. Very well done!” ~ Chuck Johnson
  8. ★★★★★ “Informative - paints a good overall picture and touches on key concepts and definitions.” ~ Robynne

What you'll learn

  1. What is Header Bidding vs. Waterfalls and why is it important?
  2. What is Viewability and how does it affect advertising buys?
  3. What is Ad Verification and what companies offer that service?
  4. What is Programmatic Advertising & RTB (Real Time Bidding)?
  5. What does the future hold for the digital advertising space?
  6. Learn from an industry expert
  7. Analyze trends and news
  8. Join students in over 120 countries
  9. Learn about an industry on track to be worth over $330B a year by 2021
  10. Expand your knowledge to an intermediate - advanced level
  11. Make smarter decisions about your digital advertising efforts
  12. Advance your career with a deeper understanding of the digital advertising industry


  1. You should know the topics covered in Digital Advertising & Marketing 101
  2. Topics covered in 101: Exchanges, DSPs, Ad Networks, Ad Agencies, Ad Servers, Types of digital ad units, buying models, IAB, MRC
  3. A basic to intermediate understanding of digital marketing
  4. Be able to differentiate between paid advertising, regular press, and word of mouth marketing

Course Content

8 Sections 17 Lectures 1h 47m total length

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