How to Raise Your Frequency and Live a High-Vibe Life

Have you noticed yourself complaining a lot or sulking around with a glass-half-empty attitude? Do you regularly encounter toxic situations, or get sucked into an all-consuming social media vortex? If so, odds are, you are suffering from a low frequency.

When you have a low frequency you can feel lethargic, depressed, pessimistic and even aggressive. It might feel like you’re in a heavy cloud. Gratitude doesn’t come easily and it feels like you’ve lost the skip in your step. You may also get sick more frequently or require more sleep than others.

But you don’t have to live under a stormy, uncomfortable rain cloud. It’s time to step into the sunshine and raise that frequency!

You do not (and should not) have to live with a low frequency. Most people aren’t used to looking at the world from an energetic and spiritual perspective like we do at Illuminated Space. Everyday, I help clients step up their frequency to feel better, increase their energy and improve their overall health and wellbeing.  

You can read more about quantum physics and the mechanics of energy dynamics by doing a quick search on Google, but today I want to focus on how your frequency directly affects your wellbeing and ways to increase it. Ready? Let’s start with some basics.

To understand frequency, you first need to embrace the fact that our whole world is made up of energy. Remember in science class, you were taught that matter is made from a collection of atoms? Well, in case you need a refresher, these atoms / molecules / quirks / what-have-you move or vibrate. The rate at which something vibrates determines its frequency.

Even the phone or computer you’re holding right now is actually created from vibrating energy. In this case, it’s vibrating at a rate that results in physical matter, which you can touch and hold.

As the vibrations increase, less tangible forms are created. Our thoughts (or thought-forms) and emotions (energy in motion) are also vibrating energy. Each thought and emotion has its own frequency; some are low, while others are high. And even though we can’t see this moving energy with our eyes like physical matter, we can definitely feel it!

Go on, think back to the last time you felt guilty. Maybe you don’t have to go too far in the past to recall the situation. What happened? Who was involved?

Got it?

Now, tune in to what you’re feeling.

Ugh, right?

Guilt, shame, resentment, hatred and jealousy are all lower frequency emotions.

Now, shake that off. It’s time to experience high-frequency thoughts and emotions. Think about your pet or a baby you love. Recall what they smell like and how soft they feel when snuggling…

Ah, much better, right?

Love vibrates at the highest frequency.

How to Raise Your Frequency and Live a High-Vibe Life

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Nutshell: Energy makes up everything in our world, including our thoughts and emotions. The rate at which energy vibrates determines its frequency. Love is the highest frequency and feels the

Your personal frequency is the collective sum of your thoughts, emotions and other energies. It varies from day-to-day, minute-to-minute. You may have gotten a bunch of likes on your recent profile picture which increased your frequency, only to then be called into your boss’s office and scolded for being on social media (which decreased your frequency.)

Your frequency directly impacts your quality of life! The higher your frequency, the better you feel! It’s far more enjoyable to experience love, peace and contentment over guilt, envy and anger. And it’s far more advantageous to have thoughts such as I am good, lovable and worthy, versus I am bad and nobody likes me.

Want to see the frequency of different emotions? See Emotional Frequencies Chart on the right.

Benefits of Living a High Frequency Life

  • Increased joyfulness
  • More inner peace and balance
  • Attracting high-quality relationships
  • Improved immune system and health
  • Positive attitude and confidence
  • Ease accessing intuition
  • And so much more!

You have the ability to control your frequency. By choosing to practice self-love and kindness, thinking positive thoughts, taking time to meditate and move your body in a healthy way, you are raising your frequency. Woot, go you!

However, by thinking negative thoughts, being pessimistic, experiencing guilt, shame and other low frequency emotions, being too stagnant, or consuming alcohol, drugs, painkillers and sugar, you are choosing to lower your frequency.

The single most powerful way to raise your frequency is self-love. When you are unconditionally loving, compassionate and kind to yourself, you can’t help but have a high frequency! 

When you live a high-frequency life, your divine light radiates. It permeates dense, toxic energy and helps to raise the frequency for all those around you! You become more aligned with your true essence and the natural flow of life. It’s easy to feel gratitude, love and peacefulness.

Consciously take action to increase your frequency to start avoiding lower-frequency experiences such as:

  • Toxic relationships
  • Illnesses
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Missed messages from your spirit guides
  • Depression
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Negatively impacting others

When we uplift ourselves we uplift all those around us. Isn’t it time to create a more positive and high frequency world for ourselves and those we love? Here are some ways you can get started right now!

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Ways to Raise Your Frequency

  1. Love yourself unconditionally
  2. Live a self-loving lifestyle
  3. Come into the present moment, close your eyes and take several deep conscious breaths. Exhale slowly.
  4. Imagine (and feel!) love beaming out of your heart and into the world
  5. Find the humor in a tough situation and laugh
  6. Imagine your body and aura field filling up with brilliant light
  7. Call up someone who makes you laugh or put on a funny movie
  8. Take a brisk walk or move your body
  9. Choose quality, uplifting thoughts and a glass-half-full attitude
  10. Use aromatherapy
  11. Listen to classical music
  12. Listen to or read a book by a high-frequency individual
  13. Pray, meditate or talk with your angels
  14. Express your gratitude aloud
  15. Look for the beauty in an ordinary object
  16. Be in nature, hug a tree, put your feet in the grass
  17. Take time out to simply play and be silly
  18. Snuggle a pet
  19. Violet flame meditation
  20. Cut cords or dissolve dense energy in the light

About the Author

Jennifer is a grounded and down-to-earth multi-sensitive empath and intuitive soul coach. She sees the world through an energetic and spiritual lens while offering real-world tools to help clients live a balanced and harmonious life. Drawing from a variety of traditions including Theta Healing, Yuen Method, Qigong, Shamanism and Spiritual Psychology, she helps clients reclaim their joy and align with their Authentic Self. Her work is featured in various online outlets including the popular blog and bookstore, Bodhi Tree.

Illuminated Space
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Illuminated Space
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Featured Uplyrn Expert
Illuminated Space
Health Coach
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Subjects of Expertise

Spiritual Counseling
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