Emergency Management

Skills for Emergency Wardens in places of public assembly

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Emergency Management is one of three courses we have available covering emergency management in places of public assembly or venues as we refer to them.

This course has been written for people working in a venue who want to understand more about emergency planning and to improve their skills in this area. Whilst aimed at entertainment venues and places of public assembly this course also provides information that can absolutely be applied for those people who have planning responsibilities in other types of facilities. We are currently working on a course for general facilities so please get in contact if you would like a notification for when that course is ready.

The other courses that make up the suite of emergency management covers the three levels of planning (emergency planning), leading (leadership in emergency management) and participating (this course) in an emergency situation.

This course is presented in six sections - the First and Last sections are the introduction and conclusion. The other sections cover Potential Emergencies for Venues where we present on a number of scenarios that are most likely to occur in entertainment venues and what you as a warden need to understand to prepare for an emergency.

Section Three is all about the emergency control organisation - you might call it something else in your part of the world but this is the part of the organisation that plan and prepare the organisations for emergencies. Understanding how this organisation works will help you understand your role and responsibility in an emergency.

Section Four helps us understand the key considerations for our emergency response procedures and is a good place to start if you think your organisation has gaps in these procedures.

The Final learning section is dedicated to improving your warden skills, it includes leadership and communication in emergencies, being calm under pressure and how to improve your situational awareness and finally we give you some practice in making decisions during an emergency.

Emergencies in venues can and do happen and the more prepared you are the more able you will be able to make decisions in what will be an extremely stressful and difficult time. We use our combine learnings from years in the venue management industry and our experience in real life emergency situations to provide you with the knowledge and skills to set you up for success! 

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone with a responsibility for emergency management in their venue
  2. Anyone who wants to build confidence around emergency management
  3. People looking to develop emergency management response skills


  1. Excellent emergency management course!!! The videos and resource material was amazing! ~ Nicholas T
  2. Clear and communicative ~ Sheldon A

What you'll learn

  1. Potential emergencies at venues and how to prepare to respond
  2. The purpose and function of an emergency control organisation
  3. What to include in emergency procedures
  4. Leadership, communication, situational awareness skills and how to be calm under pressure


  1. Be able to understand key concepts
  2. Be willing to add to learning by reading the additional materials provided

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