Guided Meditation to Attract LOVE

Powerful guided meditation and course using proven Law of Attraction LOVE techniques to attract that perfect partner

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This is a powerful guided meditation plus course to attracting love, which is based on my life of having seen my marriage of 16 years end and then the next person I met was my perfect partner - go me :)

It uses proven LOVE attraction techniques (that have worked for me and many of my students) using the Law of Attraction, NLP and special spiritual principles. The guided meditation works on three powerful principles:

Principle 1: Feel the Love

You get to listen to your heart, which is a powerful beacon that will attract you the perfect partner. The power of your heart is then expanded (like consciousness), so that your 'beacon' gets stronger and this person can also find you.

Principle 2: Magnetic Love Personality

On the biggest TV in the world, you get to define your perfect partner. You get to define everything that makes you great and you get to see yourself having fun with the person of your dreams. When you pull all of these together in the guided meditation, the result is that you find someone who loves you for who you are. 

Principle 3: 3 Trigger Words

All of this is great, but is too easy in the real world to lose that love feeling and go back to worrying about your life. Built into the meditation there are 3 trigger words that you can use in the 'real world' that return all those fantastic feelings immediately. These 3 trigger words mean that your 'love beacon' is on all of the time attracting the person to you.

Length of Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is 12 minutes long plus a further 8 minutes of music so that you can really enjoy the love sensations. It is encompassed in specially composed music (at 432Hz) balanced with your beating heart to expand your love (heart) consciousness.

Having watched the lectures, you will fully understand how the Law of Attraction for Love and how the guided meditation works. You will feel amazing and your life will be transformed.


Who this course is for

Anyone who is missing love and that special person in their life.


  1. Fascinating discourse on how to attract the perfect partner by manifestation. I was expecting just a guided meditation with colors and special effects made on a computer, but what he delivered here was much more valuable and explanatory ~ Brandon R
  2. Awesome teacher, amazing class, phenomenal meditation, soooo pleased, deep hearted bliss ~ S Elaine

What you'll learn

  1. How to attract 'LOVE' with the Law of Attraction
  2. How your heart is a beacon, with its own DNA that attracts your perfect soul partner
  3. How to expand your heart's energy (consciousness) to find your soul partner
  4. How to define every characteristic of your perfect partner, so the Universe can help find that person for you
  5. Learn to love yourself so that you will be loved for who you are
  6. Discover 3 trigger words that will maintain the love energy in the meditation within the 'real world'


Just the desire to want to find love and that perfect person.

Course Content

3 Sections 5 Lectures 35m total length

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