Reiki 201 Plus Energy Cleansing & Remote Healing

Become a Certified Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioner - Learn Absentee Healing, Law of Attraction, and Energy Frequency...

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Of all of the Mohr Method of Healing classes, this workshop is often viewed as the most magical and inspiring!

EXPLORE, IN-DEPTH, Reiki, The Law of Attraction, Energy hygiene and protection, and how to send distant healing to others.

Discover the infinite potential of Reiki Energy in this extraordinary online training. Learn how to Cleanse the Energy in Every Environment. Practice Seeing and Feeling Energy Fields. Learn about sending Reiki Healing Energy to faraway people and/or places, Learn how to Project Protective Bubbles onto others, how to see Auras, create energy healing balls and more!

Discover in-depth the mechanics of the Law of Attraction, frequency, pulsing, and how to enhance your life and others.

This workshop will increase your Intuitive Awareness substantially, bringing your abilities to new and inspiring levels.

This healing system is the only one of its kind and is taught exclusively by Licensed Mohr Method of Healing instructors.

Please note: It is suggested that you have completed The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Level One Online Training before beginning this training.

(Please understand that this is a sequential training system, and each level must be mastered within the Mohr Method of Healing System before progressing to the next level)


  1. Included with this training is a FREE PDF of Reiki 201-Student Manual (Workbook)
  2. Included with this training is a FREE PDF of Reiki 201-The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level Two Self Study Guided published book. This includes detailed printed content of this online training. Valued at $49.95
  3. Included with this training is the MP3 “The Psychic Dial” audio meditation
  4. Certificate of Reiki Level 2 online course completion

You will receive a virtual attunement. This will permanently embed a Reiki antenna into your being, allowing you to channel Reiki energy easily, and to broadcast it to others, for the rest of your lifetime.

With just 10 individuals between Lisa Mohr and Mikao Usui, the Grand Reiki Master, you will be joining the lineage of a short line of extremely powerful Reiki Healers. This energy has been kept pure and strong since it was officially discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone that wants to learn how to channel Reiki energy to improve their lives and others
  2. Anyone who is interested in the Law of Attraction, Affirmations, personal goals, and bettering the lives of others
  3. Anyone who is naturally gifted in the healing and/or psychic arts
  4. No prior knowledge or abilities are necessary. Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course
  5. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with Reiki
  6. Empaths (individuals who absorb the energy and feelings of others and his/her environment)
  7. Individuals who have struggled with energy boundary protection
  8. Individuals who have an interest in the psychic arts and/or are naturally intuitive
  9. Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  10. Any previously Reiki trained students from other Reiki training systems. The Mohr Method of Healing enhances basic Reiki with Energy Protection and The Law of Attraction skill development
  11. Anyone interested in protecting their energy field, or the energy field's of others.
  12. Anyone interested in healing others with their intention, from far away.


  1. I absolutely loved this course. Thank you Lisa! ~ Stephanie G
  2. Loved it! Starting level 3 right now! Thanks Lisa for you sweet and lovely style of Reiki ~ Alicia G
  3. I am already a reiki master, but this course put reiki on a whole new level. I feel honored to be one of Lisa's students, there were so many new things I learned that enhanced my energy. Lisa has an amazing energy herself, and is there for her students. My questions were answered quickly and precisely! ~ L Shafer
  4. This course is so much fun! Lisa takes you through new ways of utilizing reiki energy as well as how to keep improving your connection and mastery of the skills. If you have like-minded people, roommates or family that can take this course with you DO IT!! It will make it all the more fun and you will receive that affirmation and validation that Lisa talks about. Unfortunately, if you're like me and taking these courses during Covid times, that is difficult to do. Regardless, you will learn so much and cultivate your foundation for an incredibly beneficial healing practice ~ C McKay
  5. Hi there Lisa you just grow and glow more awesome in my mind nad heart and I thank my friend and the universe for letting me find you and all the factors that help me learn and grow better as a healer and I thank you and carry your words eternally that I am a natural earth angel and should continue my magical work could you please send those words my way again and your fresh thoughts here and I am just continuing to happily absorb just am so honoured and love you God bless you always ~ Tina S
  6. I have taken Reiki with 2 other Reiki Masters and they were NOTHING like this! This class was unbelievable! What a value. I loved the content-especially the Circle of Five. I'm really thinking about the people in my life. And I loved the attunement-I could feel it ~ Tina
  7. This course taught me about the "Law of Attraction" and protecting my energy through the "Bubble Up" technique. Both of these concepts are practical tools that you can use immediately for an improved overall sense of well-being ~ Jessica K
  8. Amazing class... life changing...everytime I learn from Lisa and I am coached by her; my world expands and abundance is everywhere. Lisa is beyond gifted and so inspirational. This class offers so much and you can take it time and again; while always learning more. I enjoy her teaching style. Well done. Don't wait to unlock you potential ~ S Langkau-Diderrich

What you'll learn

  1. Learn the specifics of how The Law of Attraction really works
  2. Learn what energy frequency is and how to transform it
  3. Learn who and what your Circle of Five are, and how they impact you
  4. Discover the personal benefits of sending energy remotely to others
  5. Discover how vibration is contagious, and how it is your duty to broadcast Reiki energy to others, with grace
  6. Discover multiple perspectives to better understand why and what you are attracting into your life
  7. Understand the Divine Rhythm of the Universe
  8. Discover the difference between what your soul’s coil is emitting energetically, and what your daily energy coil is emitting, and how it all ties together into your current reality
  9. Learn the difference between a victim mentality vs. and empowering mentality.
  10. Learn how to use affirmations in an easy and effective way
  11. Learn the toxic consequences of negative people and the energy that they transmit toward others.
  12. Learn how to transform negative energy and some examples of how to set healthy boundaries with others
  13. Learn how to achieve and maintain a high vibration every day
  14. Learn the 3rd Reiki symbol, used for Absentee Healing
  15. Experience your Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  16. Enjoy a powerful meditation, The Psychic Dial, giving you the infinite power to turn your psychic abilities up or down
  17. Learn the basics of how to see Auras
  18. Learn how to create an Energy ball to heal yourself and others
  19. Learn how to feel Reiki energy through ethereal energy
  20. Learn how to send energy with your hands to another person, across the room, and through space and time
  21. Learn how to project protective energy bubbles to others
  22. Learn how to put light around an object, with intention, that is identifiable to others
  23. Discover how to use sage to cleanse the energy in an environment, in combination with a Reiki energy room cleansing technique
  24. Learn how to heal others in faraway places


It is strongly suggested that you complete the Reiki 101 online training before taking this class. Several fundamental key concepts are explained in the preliminary Reiki 101 training that are necessary for the comprehension of Reiki 201’s content. It is strongly suggested that you download the two attached PDFs. The accompanying workbook is best used to take notes in. It is suggested that you read through the Reiki 201 PDF Published book before or after taking this training, as a reinforcement.

  1. You will need access to the internet and an electronic device to watch and listen to this training
  2. You will need to be able to download and view PDF files
  3. You will need to be able to download and listen to the MP3 file
  4. Any previously Reiki trained students from other Reiki training systems. The Mohr Method of Healing enhances basic Reiki with Energy Protection and The Law of Attraction skill development
  5. Spiritually open minded and inquistive individuals. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with Reiki.

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