Reiki 301: Global Healing, Cord Cutting, Portals of Intention

Become a Certified Usui Reiki Level 3 Practitioner - Learn Global Healing, Cord Cutting, Energy Portals, Auto Writing...

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Reiki Three Plus Global Healing, Cord Cutting and Portals of Intention. 

Take your intuitive abilities and Reiki skills to the next level with this energy and intention mastering class.

EXPLORE, IN-DEPTH, how to Super Bubble-Up, Globally heal, Cord Cut from others, create Energy Portals of Intention, and Automatic Write. Receive your final Usui Attunement giving you the ability to amplify your current Reiki skills.

Discover in-depth how to use Absentee Healing for a global cause. With this new and powerful skill, you will never again feel helpless when hearing about the tragedies of our planet. Learn how to protect yourself even stronger with a new a more powerful visualization of Super Bubbling-Up. Discover the power of cord connections and how to better regulate the energy ties that you share with others. Develop a deeper awareness of your ownenergy vs. that of others. Learn how to intend Reiki energy in a space with energy portals of intention. Discover what Auto Writing is, and how to discern what the energy intentions are around you.

Enjoy TWO guided visualizations to both cut your current energy connections with others and to completely heal your entire body.

This healing system is the only one of its kind and is taught exclusively by Licensed Mohr Method of Healing instructors.

Please note: It is suggested that you have completed The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Levels One AND Two, Online Trainings, before beginning this training.

(Please understand that this is a sequential training system, and each level must be mastered within the Mohr Method of Healing System before progressing to the next level)


  1. Included with this training is a FREE PDF of Reiki 301-Student Manual (Workbook).
  2. Included with this training is a FREE PDF of Reiki 301-The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level Two Self Study Guided book. This includes detailed printed content of this online training. Valued at $49.95.
  3. Included with this training is the MP3 “Healing Hands of God” audio meditation AND “Cutting the Cords” audio meditation.
  4. Certificate of Reiki Level 3 online course completion.

You will receive a virtual attunement. This will permanently embed a Reiki antenna into your being, allowing you to channel Reiki energy easily, and to broadcast it to others, for the rest of your lifetime.

With just 10 individuals between Lisa Mohr and Mikao Usui, the Grand Reiki Master, you will be joining the lineage of a short line of extremely powerful Reiki Healers. This energy has been kept pure and strong since it was officially discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone that wants to learn how to channel Reiki energy to improve their lives and others.
  2. Anyone who is interested in the energy protection and hygiene.
  3. Anyone who wishes to actively participate in healing a global cause.
  4. Anyone who wishes to have Reiki healing energy stay in a location for a permanent time.
  5. Anyone who is overwhelmed by the energies of others, and/or sensitive to the energy exchanges with other individuals.
  6. Anyone who is curious about auto writing.
  7. Anyone who is naturally gifted in the healing and/or psychic arts.
  8. Empaths (individuals who absorb the energy and feelings of others and his/her environment.)
  9. Individuals who have struggled with energy boundary protection.
  10. Individuals who have an interest in the psychic arts and/or are naturally intuitive.
  11. Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  12. - Any previously Reiki trained students from other Reiki training systems. The Mohr Method of Healing enhances basic Reiki with Energy Protection and The Law of Attraction skill development.
  13. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with Reiki.
  14. Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course.


  1. Lisa with you I just go deeper and deeper into the light and glow with the light I lose words to describe how wonderful a person and teacher you are so willingly sharing your personal anecdotes to shine light on the topic at hand you just make everything the so called complicated things easy to deal with all flows like water with you beautiful teacher I am honoured to call you teacher ansd mentor and guide and just thank the circumstances that brought us together and hope I find many ways to make you proud and I am super optimistic and excited to now serve the world near and far just love you in every way. Loads of love and angel hugs ~ Tina S
  2. It is early in the course, but may I recommend you take it already. The meditation prior to the attunement is one of the most powerful and profound I have ever experienced. This series of courses not only educate you in the practice of reiki, they provide you with insight about yourself, your path and your purpose. Regardless of your intentions to use reiki, the information contained can help you in ways you can't comprehend before you take the first course. This is a spiritual journey as much as a learning opportunity. I don't think all reiki courses can offer this bonus of self-reflection and growth, it is only through Lisa's method of sharing her passion and encouragement along with the lessons and skills that give you this extra layer of benefit ~ C McKay
  3. Although I am already a reiki master, I enrolled in the course. It was far beyond what I had previously learned, and so many new techniques to enhance my energy! Lisa is a beautiful soul and is there for her students my questions were answered quickly and precisely! ~ L Shafer
  4. Love it.. the best, Lisa is so gifted, everyone deserves and can benefit from her class. I cannot say enough about it. It's like taking 5 classes, so much valuable and insightful topics... truly life changing. You can feel your growth. I am so fortunate to have Lisa as a teacher and coach ~ S Langkau-Diderrich
  5. A very good course that keeps me activated. I like the personal approach and video quality. Looking forward to learn more :) ~ Anders G
  6. I love the hypnosis section, I felt wonderful and relaxed, this course is very organized, thank u ☺️.. ~ Layali S

What you'll learn

  1. Experience a deeply healing self-guided meditation to repair your entire mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Enjoy your final Usui Reiki Attunement.
  3. Learn how to use the final symbol to amplify your Reiki abilities and intentions.
  4. Learn how to increase your own energy protection.
  5. Learn how to be an active participant for global causes. Listen to a magical true story, about a group consciousness phenomenon, that can change the world.
  6. Discover what cord connections are, and how they can hurt you and others. Enjoy a guided visualization to gently cut these cord connections. Experience the immediate benefits of being in your own pure energy, free of the connections of others.
  7. Learn what an Energy Portal of Intention is, where you can use them, and how to create them.
  8. Learn how to Auto write and how to trust your first thoughts and instincts.


  1. It is strongly suggested that you complete the Reiki 101 and Reiki 201 online trainings before taking this class. Several fundamental key concepts are explained in the preliminary Reiki 101 and Reiki 201 trainings that are necessary for the comprehension of Reiki 301’s content.
  2. It is strongly suggested that you download the two attached PDFs. The accompanying workbook is best used to take notes in.
  3. It is suggested that you read through the Reiki 301 PDF book before or after taking this training, as a reinforcement.
  4. You will need to be able to download and view PDF files.

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