Active Listening Skills

The ability to Listen is a key ingredient to become a successful human. Grow your Relationship with Colleagues & Family.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The ability to listen is a key ingredient to become a successful leader. Not only a Leader, but Active Listening is essential to be successful as a parent, supervisor, friend and spouse. Whichever role we play in our life, Active Listener gets an edge in all these aspects. A person who listens to others with empathy, without interrupting and being judgmental earns love and respect from people, both in the workplace and personal life.

This course covers the Importance of Listening, How you got to be the listener you are, Barriers between the speaker and listener, Listening to Yourself, Making Listening Work for you and finally Getting Others to Listen to you.

Great listeners always listen to others with – empathy, Keep an open and curious mind, Listen for new ideas, listen from the heart to help stay non-judgemental, be introspective and have the capacity and desire to critically examine the content, understand the intent.

Think of a situation. You went to meet your supervisor in his/her office to discuss something important. But you find that your supervisor busy typing something on his/her laptop while you are speaking! What will you feel? For sure, you will be feeling neglected and will not like to continue! Your supervisor might be excellent at multitasking, but if we do not listen to the speaker with eye contact and showing visible interest, it can turn any speaker off!

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone of any age
  2. Someone who is stepping into people manager role or even others


  1. This course is very usefull to everyone. It helps to increase the inner power of a person. Thanks Sir ~ Swati G
  2. Good course, nice articulation. The trainer has great experience in the subject, which comes very clear while he speaks and teaches ~ B Mukherjee
  3. This is the best course I have taken online. Beautifully articulated all the aspects of Active Listening. I have reviewed some other options available in various places, but could not find any course which covers all the aspects of Active Listening. Great Course, great learning so far ~ Ajit

What you'll learn

  1. To accomplish as a successful leader - Active Listening is a must.
  2. A manager spends 75% of the time speaking and listening and out of which 40% is in listening.
  3. For an unskilled manager, out of 40% of time spend listening, only 25% is active listening!
  4. That is why we need to learn how to listen actively. 
  5. Active Listening also helps people to build the relationship - both in the workplace and at home.


Anyone at age 18 and above should undergo this training to improve their listening skill. 

Course Content

7 Sections 16 Lectures 1h 44m total length

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