Best Practices for a Quicker Financial Close

Explore ideas for shortening the financial close process.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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The pressure on the finance function has never been higher to deliver financial results as soon as possible after the period. Managers, analysts, Boards, and investors are digesting market information in real time and are beginning to expect the same of financial results.

To meet these high expectations, the CFO and controller need to find ways to speed up their financial close processes to report the financial results before they become perceived as old news in the new world. In this course, Blair Cook, a many-time CFO, will explore ideas for shortening the financial close process. Leading companies have found ways to close their books in as little as one day and see the benefit of almost real-time analysis (in addition to the actual period financial data) that can be performed with a shorter close.

What you'll learn

  1. Identify factors that slow down the financial close process
  2. Develop strategies for speeding up the financial close process
  3. Develop a plan for making the fast close happen using change management principles 


No prerequisites.

Course Content

2 Sections 7 Lectures 50m total length

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