Wedding Photography: Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Amazing Photos

Learn these creative tips, posing and planning ideas for better wedding photos, and become a great wedding photographer.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Does this sound like you?:

You’re a photographer who's been asked to take photos at a friends wedding. They asked because they’ve seen some of your nice images, but you’re naturally concerned that you’ll let them down.

You have a few weddings under your belt, and want to gain confidence, improve quickly and develop your own style.

You’ve photographed quite a few weddings but want to learn some new creative ideas.

...or maybe you’re just interested in learning how to become a great wedding photographer.

What you’ll learn:

Learn how to capture some of the wonderful emotional moments throughout the day, how to get very natural looking posed photos, how to relax the couple and familes for more natural expressions, plus you’ll be amazed at some of the creative ideas that you can easily use yourself.

This course covers the whole wedding in chronological order, from the bride getting ready at home or hotel, through to their first dance. Learn from the huge number of wedding images shown throughout the course (complete with camera settings), while I narrate and explain how I achieved the photos.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in this course:

  1. Learn how to cope and take great images during the (sometimes stressful) getting ready phase.
  2. Discover some creative and unusual ideas for great photos while the bride gets ready.
  3. Ideas for photos while guests and familiies arrive at the the church or ceremony.
  4. How to take great ‘Ring’ photos before the ceremony.
  5. Learn the secrets of great processional (and recessional) photo, i.e walking the aisle.
  6. Discover the many ideas for photos during the ceremony and how to plan in order to capture some ‘moments’.
  7. Learn some useful techniques to use while the couple are signing the register/ marriage license.
  8. Learn what to do and get some great photos when everyone leaves the church or ceremony and mayhem ensues!!
  9. Ideas for taking the couple with their posh car or carriage as they leave for the reception.
  10. Learn to capture some fun confetti throwing moments.
  11. Great tips for the formal individual and group photos.
  12. Don’t just stick to the line-ups, but learn some creative ideas for photographing the bride and groom, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  13. Learn to capture the fun atmosphere of the wedding speeches.
  14. Tips for photographing the first dance.

… plus much much more, please check out the course lessons below for more info.

What are the requirements?

  1. You should have a DSLR or ‘Mirrorless’ camera.
  2. You should have a reasonable understanding of your camera.
  3. You should be personable and enjoy meeting and chatting to new people.
  4. You’ll benefit if you’ve attended a wedding or two.
  5. You’ll need to be enthusiastic, and keen to learn and practise.

Enroll now to get going!

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone generally interested in wedding photography.
  2. Students who want to take more creative wedding photos.
  3. A DSLR or Mirroless camera and a reasonable undestanding of its use.
  4. Not for complete beginners.


  1. Very interesting ideas and it is great opportunity to have a professional outlook for all the necessary and wonderful details of the wedding. Thank you! ~ Edite S
  2. As in all of his courses Bernie gives loads of great tips, and it is already fun watching this course. Thank you, Bernie, you are a great teacher ~ Oliver A
  3. I like how he goes into planning different type of shots and why instead of just showing photos. Also he wasn't too technical. Focused on acheiving great photos ~ Mohindra R
  4. I like his relaxed delivery, numerous examples, sharing camera settings and most importantly of all, his thought process on what he was trying to achieve. I also like his honesty in the fact you will not always achieve a 100% hit on your shots but not to let it faze you. Well recommended ~ William B
  5. Having already shot a few weddings I can see Bernie is talking from real life experience. He has a knack of putting the fun into photography and ensuring that there is enough detail covered and yet realistic in its presentation. For anyone about to start wedding photography this is a must. For those of is who already have a few weddings under our belt this still manages to provide extra tips and hints in making what could be a stressful experience far less stressful ~ R Hughes
  6. This is the best wedding photographer course. I know what I say as I have enrolled into good few, if you have not been in photography before, this is the one, in addition just another course of Bernie - Become a better photographer part I or even better start from it ~ D Josefovich
  7. Bernie did it again! I absolutely LOVED this course. His teaching is simple, thorough, entertaining and packed with tons of helpful recommendations. I am doing my first wedding in a couple of weeks and after watching this, I feel very confident that I will do just fine at the wedding. ALL of his courses are wonderful! I can hardly wait for the next one! HE IS A FANTASTIC TEACHER!!! Gotta love his cute sense of humor too! :) ~ S McCarley
  8. This course was exceptional, and provided just what I was looking for. I wasn’t interested in the business of wedding photography, but just the creative and technical aspects of getting memorable photos. The ideas and cheat sheets were great. Understanding his focal length and aperture choices was critical to my understanding of the process. I also enjoyed the instructor so much that I will have to take some of his other courses just for fun. I can’t thank him enough for sharing his experience. Brilliant! ~ Royce S
  9. Course is very nice. Gives plenty of examples and explanations about technique and lighting. Teacher is a nice guy with good humour. The course helped me to have a better overview of the different shots at different stages of a wedding ~ R Bouvier
  10. This is an outstanding course that is a list of the best wedding shots and how to get them. Wonderful examples of wedding pictures are included. The material is definitely not for the beginner but a beginner could get a good start with Bernie’s ideas. Even a couple anticipating a wedding could get great ideas on what shots they would like to have in their own service. Bernie Raffe has produced another gem that is both informative and entertaining ~ D Bowman
  11. Bernie's lighthearted delivery, knowledge and detailed explanations of why are very interesting and informative. His knowledge of the photo industry and experience gained over his career are evident, also his willingness to share photographic secrets is well worth the price paid ~ B Birtwistle

What you'll learn

  1. Understand the structure of a wedding day.
  2. Start to develop confidence to tackle wedding photography.
  3. Capture natural looking posed and staged photos.
  4. Capture some of the authentic wedding moments.
  5. Take more creative photos during the wedding day.


  1. This course does not cover post processing of images.
  2. This course does not cover the business side of wedding photography.

Course Content

6 Sections 42 Lectures 2h 4m total length

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